Accessories for your accessories

  1. Do you like to get matching wallets, wristlets, phone holders, key fobs ..etc every time you get a new bag? I would like to but sometimes just get a matching lower end brand that compliments the bag of the moment. I'd like to find a universal Coach wallet for all of mine.
  2. No I like to match. And I don't mix brands for the most part. I'm also one of those people who won't mix metal colors. Drives my Mom crazy! LOL.
  3. hmm its nice to match, but im poor lol. yes i like the universal wallet you can use it for anything! I dont care soe much about whats inside the purse that matches.
  4. I do not try to match....I have maybe 4 coach wallets...and only one of them matches one of my bags.
  5. I do not try to match. It costs too much money and seems so extravagant! :o)
  6. Sometimes I match. It depends if it looks really good togehter. Like my zebra tote with zebra wristlet and my zebra pony scarf.
  7. it doesn't have to match, but it at least needs to go together and not clash.
  8. I don't match I have one Coach wallet I'm currently using for all my's white so it goes w/ everything. I have a pink leather one I bought last year & still haven't gotten around to using it. One wallet is enough for me...The only thing I do match is my mini skinnys, horrible I know. I just got the patent leather blue mini & it matches well w/ the black hamptons hobo.
  9. I have a "universal" black leather Coach wallet
  10. I like to match, too, and I also match metal colors! I bought my Legacy bag the day after they were in the stores and I really struggled with the brass hardware because everything else I have is silver. I carry a tote with me to work and I had to have something that matched! So, I ended up getting a Gallery Tote with brass hardware to carry with it. As for accessories like wallets, etc. I have a B/W mini signature accordian wallet that I use with pretty much everything. I leave it sit open in my purse and it's pretty much unseen by everyone, including myself. It's got a black zipper so it goes with everything. I also have a solid black leather accordian wallet that I sometimes use but it has a silver zipper so I wouldn't dare use that with my Legacy stuff. :rolleyes:
  11. I used to when I first got into Coach- every time I got a bag at the outlet, I would get the matching wristlet, but I've gotten better. Now I have a "universal" wallet- its amethyst, but it goes well with my bags because mine are black, pink, blue, so it complements them. But I do have a black miniskinny and a pastel scribble one that I use to match to my other bags.
  12. lol i don't even use wallets anymore!

    but i try to stick with colors that will match with everything when i did have wallets.

    black, because it goes with almost everything but brown.

    then when i got more brown, i got yellow, because it goes with almost everything, same with red.

    now i just use my pockets =P after getting my wallet stolen with a couple hundred i really don't care much cash anymore, it's debit and cc all the way! and a few cash just in case i need it for bus fare.
  13. No, I have one Coach wallet done in the plain tan leather with no design whatsoever and it goes with everything. I am not able to get into the habit of changing things from one wallet to another.
  14. If i got all the accessories for each bag i got, i would never have any money. I can't afford to do that, but i wish i could.
  15. I dont have any coach bags for myself, but when it comes to accessories I try to get them to contrast with each other. Like my black and white Cs hamptons wristlet, goes with any bag and especially pops with black. But then recently I bought some of the striped accessories with gold hardware and I got my gold hardware whiskey mj skinny that contrasts nicely with the striped coin pouch. I like gold hardware for my bags and such, paired with the right material it can look so luxurious. But then I crave my sterling jewelry over my gold, it just depends whats more asthetically pleasing to me rather then matching, but it MUSt compliment each other.