Accessories for the Denim Neo Cabby MM

  1. Someone on this thread had a cute charm on her denim neo cabby mm so I started thinking.....which charm would you recommend for this bag (black denim)? Or do you prefer it plain? TIA!
  2. I think the Pastilles would be good.
  3. I prefer it plain...JMO!
  4. I use my Black Speedy, Gold Glitter Key Chain, and my Multicolor fleurs on mine.
  5. I like it plain, but I think something with major contrast in color!
  6. I like it plain.
  7. I'd just leave this one alone, it doesn't really need to be decorated, IMO.
  8. I like the fluers keyring so I'd go with that!!!
  9. i think its fine plain
  10. I put my fleurs keychain on her to spice up the bag further.
  11. i like it plain.
  12. I think just about anything will look nice on it since it's black. I'd go for something with a splash of colour, like the pastilles. :yes:
  13. I don't know what you call this charm, but I thought it was cute and put it on my neo cabby gm. It is the only lv charm I own and I get a kick out of it. I wish I could take better pics.

    IMG_0001_3.jpg IMG_0001_4.jpg