Accessories for St. Louis GM?

  1. Never owned a Goyard before, but just purchased a St. Louis GM in black with tan trim. (It was Sabina's recent reveal -- she decided she preferred the PM size.) I've wanted this bag for two years! But, I've never carried a large open tote before and I really love coordinating things like bag-wallet-cosmetic case. I can't afford a Goyard wallet to match right now. Do you ladies (and men?) just toss in various pieces from other lines? Do you try to coordinate colors? Hardware? Styles? I know the bag has that attached "wallet" but that would barely hold what I carry in my regular wallet. Maybe we need a What's In Your St. Louis? thread!
    Also, how do you carry such an open bag without having your stuff fall out or be susceptible to others with ill motives and sticky fingers? I really want to carry this when I travel with my DH this summer to Germany & Hungary, but I don't want to get pickpocketed.
  2. Hi there! I have a huge LV accessories pouch that I used and place at the back portion (when carry) of my St. Louis, so it couldn't be easily grabbed and my wallet, cellphones and other important stuff on front. :biggrin:

    My mom have this purse organizer that has lots of pockets on it, especially made for St. Louis, Neverfull and the like. ;)