accessories for our bags

  1. :idea: I was thinking how you can accessorize your LV bags, you can get padlocks, straps, luggage tags and scarfs. Can anyone else think of any and which ones have you got ?.
  2. panda cles or the speedy/alma keychains :yes:
  3. i use a dior make-up dice charm on my speedy, it glams it up a alittle
  4. i have the beige and black Inclusion Speedy Keyrings. i use the black for my Damier Speedy 25, and the beige for my Mono Speedy 25. i'm thinking of getting the white one for my white Multicolore Trouville or white Suhali L'Epanoui GM:tender:
  5. Well..I use either my Speedy Inclusion keychains and will DEFINITELY be adding the new pink and white ones to my collection. Sometimes I'll put my Cerises round coin case on the strap of one of my larger bags, like my Mezzo or my Batignolles..either that or my Panda cles but I don't really use it all that much. I just like admiring it ;)
  6. I like to hang Juicy Couture charms from my bags.
    I have an affinity with little pink accessories. I cannot wait for the "berry"/pink inclusion to be available.
  7. ^^ Me too b/c the gold matches the brass on LV bags.
  8. I have the panda cles and the orange perforated scarf that I use to add a personal touch to my bags. I'd like to get one of the teddy bear pins, I think you can hang them from a bag using a pochette extender. When the new inclusion colors come out, I might get a berry or white speedy to use as a handbag charm :smile:
  9. I tie a matching scarf on my bag.
  10. My beige Speedy Inclusion key chain is always hanging from my Vanilla Epi Speedy 25 :smile:
  11. fashion_junky, Is your inclusion key chain scratched up at all from rubbing on the eip? I want to hang mine from a mono bag but I'm afraid it might scuff or scratch it up, thanks
  12. I'm not fashion_junky, BUT...I have mine hanging from mono bags and I have the cell phone charm (I have other inclusion pieces but those get the most use). I use the cell charm a LOT and haven't had ANY problems with it. I've knocked it into so many different things and it's not even scratched a bit.
    Same with the Speedy keychains..they've knocked into things and rubbed against the bag and I haven't had a problem yet. Hope that helps :smile:
  13. My bags are accessory deprived!:nuts: I only have a Panda cles but I use it as a keychain!
  14. i put ribbons on mine, they're so cute!
  15. Panda, Speedy keychain, Inclusion Speedy, can't wait for the new inclusion and pastilles keychain!:love: