Accessories for DVF Barbie!

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  1. I ordered the Diane Von Furstenberg Barbie a while ago and I came across these accessories today and thought that these were too cute to pass up! So, I ordered them! I just wished that the bag could be bigger so I use it for myself! Lol! :graucho:

  2. too cute! :nuts:
  3. Ooh I'll bet you got a good deal for that birkin :graucho:
  4. SOO CUTE! :heart:33 haha
  5. She is way too spoiled! She got that wrap dress and that Birkin! :nuts:
    I gotta control my jealousy. :lol:
  6. So cute!!! :love:
  7. They're cute!! Where did you order them from?
  8. I ordered them from But, it was after I ordered from them that I found out that has them onsale! :crybaby:
  9. Those are sooo cute!
  10. Hm..I see the doll but not the accessories, that's a great site :smile: they're so cute!
  11. Thank you!!