Accessories for Damier Azur Speedy?

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  1. I am currently having a blast deciding how to accessorize my new bebe. So girls, can you help brainstorm what would look best with azur?
  2. Multicolore Pastilles Keychain, Pomme or Amarante Speedy Keychain.
  3. I bought the Vernis Framboise Cles (pinkish color) when I ordered my Speedy and it looked great the color really popped but I returned it because I couldn't live with spending $200 on it. LOL

    But I did keep the Love Scarf I purchased also. I tie that to it.

    Here'y my Speedy 30 with the Love Long Scarf, Vernis Framboise Cles


    I'm looking to get them Damier Azur Cles... But not too sure if it's too matchy matchy.

    So I suggest:
    In any color



    Oh and I am ACTUALLY DYING to get this It looks so cute hooked on Speedies. But I can not afford that right now... Who knows when but it's gorgeous.

    Here's a pic of it on the Mini Lin Speedy but there are some others floating around the forum.


  4. I have the damier azur cles on my azur speedy and I love it. I've be thinking about getting a scarf to tie on my bag too.
  5. Yeah I'm going to get the love scarf no doubt :biggrin:
    I also think the vernis cles looks freaking awesome with it as well. But at the same time, I don't want to spend too much to accessorize one bag. Because now I've also developed the urge to save for another bag LOL.
  6. MC Pastilles bracelet. So versatile, a really good investment.
  7. Oh dear. Apparently I sit and think about this stuff all day...
  8. I have the perle pastilles that were out around Valentine's Day....they look great..they're off white. I don't know if you can still get them in store...maybe check elux.
  9. I love the heart purse. I think that would clash a little with damier though since they both have their own patterns going on...

    Does anyone know how much that would cost in Canadian?

  10. So do I, So do I...

    Yeah my big problem with the Vernis cles was the amount... I could use that for another bag. LOL So I put it up on eBay. But they are all gorgeous and I wish I could have kept it but I wouldn't be content with it.
  11. i wear my panda cles on my azur speedy. i also like the multicolor fluers key chain on the azur. it adds some color- but not too much.
  12. LOL no wonder I thought that pic you posted of your bag looked oddly familiar. So you're the one selling that. I was actually looking at it on eBay and thought wow, nicely done :tup:
  13. Yeah I love colour. I chose the damier over the mono because of it's flexibility with colours. Now it's time to play around.
  14. I think for the money either the Love bandeau or a fleurs keychain. The mc pastilles keychain would be nice, but pricey at $375.
  15. Yeah 375 hurts my eyes.
    That little girl in your avatar is sooooo cute. :heart: