Accessories anyone?!?!?!?!

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  1. Well, I went on a hunt in NYC yesterday for a bright colored money wallet and Make-up clutch. Ultimately I would love an Aqua Money wallet and a red or Aqua make-up. BalNY and Barneys had nothing but brown, black and white. :crybaby: Does anybody have an idea of where to look and have you spotted any in the stores? :shrugs: Also, is the only difference between a make-up and the shoulder a strap? Is there a size or price difference between the two?
  2. Really? I placed an order with hcbags for a violet makeup and an ocean money wallet. It will be a few months before I get them but that's ok.

    So you didn't buy anything????
  3. Nope :crybaby: Just a pretzel from a street vendor!!! LOL!
  4. How did it go with your dd? I hope she found something!

    Did you see anything in anthracite while you were there? I don't know why I am obsessed with that color but I am :wtf:

    I think there are some accessories on eBay- not sure if they are the colors that you want though :confused1:
  5. Yep, the only difference between Shoulder and MU is the strap.

    If you want MU in red, why don't you wait for a few months for FW07? I'm also getting Violet MU from Erica(hgbags). Considering it's almost the end of the season, you may be find it tough to find the color you want.
    To be honest, I really want another one.....but I probably shouldn't!
  6. There is an Aqua Money wallet at Saks in Boca Raton, as of the last time I had them on the phone sometime last week.... I was going to get mine from there, but ended up getting it from Saks New Orleans, because they called me back first!! :p
  7. Besides the strap difference, the Shoulder comes with the mirror but not the Make-up. There's definitely a price difference between the 2 (off the top of my head, the make-up is 495, but I can't remember the price for the shoulder).
  8. ^^^I think the shoulder is $695.
  9. i saw an aqua accesory at barney's in copley place boston 2 weeks ago
  10. Sheesh!!! $200 additional for a shoulder strap. :wtf: Make-up it is!!!
  11. ^^^That's what I say~ if you're going to use it inside your bag then wait for a make-up in the color you want!