accessible prints in mamma mia?

  1. I've mentioned a parent at my preschool that likes tokidoki... She has a Pirata bella. She loves ALL my bags! She really wants a MM now, but she's not very internet savvy so I'm trying to help her. Are there any prints out there in the mainland stores that are still being sold in MM?

    Thanks!! ^_^
  2. do you know what prints shes interested in? if its the older prints like inferno/paradiso you can try the outlets? :biggrin:
  3. She doesn't know because she doesn't know what all the prints look like. And I want to find out what's out there in MM before I show her prints because I don't want her to fall in love with something that's not around anymore...
  4. lol they do seem hard to find! i was planning on getting one in pirata or adios star but it looks like the outlets have neither :x
  5. eeee...thats going to be hard lol ..goodluck..I know we have MMs in Pirata, A.S., Lamore and Spiaggia and not sure how much we have left.. but its higher than the mainland :push:
  6. Yeah, the outlets won't be getting MMs in pirata, as far as I know... and I guess Adios Star, too, according to kkiimm. I think there are some in paradiso left, if I'm not mistaken, at SH. Buuuuttt... not entirely sure =/
  7. oh, there's an MM in inferno up for sale on LJ at a reasonable price.. but it doesnt have my favorite characters :s
  8. There's a Paradiso MM at the Southampton outlet, but there's no other MM's there.
  9. SH outlet has paradiso ($97.50), azalea online has adios ($130-15% off reesycakes), lesportsac online has spiaggia ($130).
  10. I saw one in pirata NWT on eBay but I would ask for more pictures of it, there only a few. G/L =)
  11. Thanks for the help so far, you guys. I think I should clarify, though, that I'd prefer actual stores that are selling the MM's instead of LJ or e-Bay. Aside from the outlets, I'd like this parent (Yumi) to have the option to return it just in case she changes her mind, you know?

    So the outlet has Paradiso... What do Macy's, Nordstrom's, and stores like that have in MM in your area? And do they ship to Hawaii? I know LeSportsac doesn't ship to Hawaii.

    She doesn't want Pirata because she has a bella in that already.
  12. I saw a couple of arancia MMs yesterday at Filene's. I forgot how much they were going for tho :push:
  13. Thanks... but I know she doesn't want solid colors. She likes the ones with print on the outside.
  14. I found two black ones with citta on the inside, Maya already said her friend doesn't want they are on hold at the store I found them at if anyone is interested. PM me and I will give you the info. They will be on hold till Sun night at 8pm pacific time. The store charge sends too.