Accessibility question regarding the reissue before I begin my quest--

  1. I love my regular jumbo flaps--the one with just one flap in the opening. And, I am totally smitten with the idea of a metallic red reissue. But, what I would really like is something like that, but in a regular flap.

    So, do you all find that there is a roominess or accessibility issue with your reissues as compared to regular flaps.

    And, on a similar note, for someone interested in collecting Chanels, is a reissue a must?

    Thanks girls!
  2. Flap is a staple, Reissue=MUST! Reissue is more of an ICON of all Chanel Flaps IMO, it's released in limited production, almost always sold out quickly. The double flap is not as roomy as single flap of course, but the 'divider' is great if you like keep things organized. If you already on a flap, it shouldn't take too long to get used to double flap :yes:
  3. If you like the space of a Jumbo, then I would advise that you get a size 227 reisuue (Oh yes... if you love Chanel and you are into flaps... reissue is a must)..... I have both black caviar Jumbo and metallic black reissue in 227... 227 is very similar to a Jumbo size but the usage is slightly different, Jumbo is single flap so you could thrown in a decent size pouch if you want, and reissue 227 altho is in similar size, there are a few pockets and a second flap, I don't actually throw in a pouch but the pockets and flap divider are good organisers for my stuff.

    A girlfriend of mine actually has the size 228 (if you like bigger bags) she loves the space, and it holds a tons....but I find the bag too heavy to handle when it's full.

    good luck...