Accesorize Miss Sabrina..


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May 19, 2008
I just bought medium sabrina leather in black, i'm so excited..
She's not here yet until this wednesday and i'm thinking about accesorizing her already. But i don't have any idea ? I don't know whether sabrina looks good with scarf or not ? I know it looks good with keyfob/charms, i just hate that coach don't make keyfob & charm in brass hardware anymore :sad:


Dec 28, 2007
I agree, I don't think she needs anything extra. She has the 3 tags with the brass chains and the gold Coach logo on the front dresses her up nicely. I think anything else on her would just be too much. I just bought the Sabrina in magenta and can't see putting anything else on her. Congrats on the bag, you got a great deal!


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Aug 25, 2008
WOW I'm glad you got her I know you had been wanting one CONGRATS I actually have the same question I have the patent camel sabrina but it has a chain strap plus the 3 hangtags and I would hate to over accessorize it. Instead im just going to get matching accessories, a gold wristlet and a mini wallet. Let me know what you come up with for yours!
Jan 2, 2008
I had the teal sabrina and TBH I didn't care for the style but loved the color of the bag... if you really wanted an accessory for it, I would say dress it up w/a scarf since it already has a bunch of hang tags on it... maybe do one of these:


Jul 31, 2008
I say try it as is and then with the extra accessories whatever they end up being ...then go with the one that feels and looks good to Chazzy :tup:

And re: any Coach fobs/charms with brass hardware, the Legacy lip gloss charm comes in a tdf gorgeous brass and I wear mine with every bag, regardless of hardware. Every time I walk into an outlet or boutique the SAs notice it and comment on it. Seems silly but it makes me happy and helps me justify spending what I did on it ;)


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May 19, 2008
@ christylou, mmartinez879 >> thank u dear, after i saw some pic from the thread, i just realized there's 3 tags already :P I'm thinking about getting sabrina wallet or sabrina wristlet (2 bad it's not a capacity wristlet)

@ coachgirl12, jeh3v >> I like the blue one, she's pretty. Thank u for the advice :tup:

@ Laltiero85 >> Thank u so much dear, i want her so badly. And now i got her, i'm so excited :nuts:

@ bagap >> Thanks for the advice, i just saw the lip gloss charm. So cute.. Now i'm thinking about getting that pretty lil thing

Updates on my Sabrina >>>


Jun 14, 2008
I have to agree, the Chevron scarf would look good with it, and you've been eyeing one lately. I'm going to clip the Polar Bear charm to mine during the holidays. I just bought Coach snow boots in pink to match my Sabrina too! I also clip my Juicy Couture charms on my Coach bags as well. I'll have to take some picks. I like to add "seasonal" thing to my bags, I know, I'm strange.