Accesories for my green Kusama

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  1. I have decided to pick up a wallet for green speedy, and am deciding between blue, and yellow. Thoughts? Which one would you pick?
  2. blue
  3. I'd pick the yellow... It's so gorgeous!! Cannot wait to see your new reveal... ;)
  4. +1 blue will be to dark on green while yellow
    brighten up the green and monogram IMO :biggrin:
  5. I really love the green and the blue together! I am thinking of adding the green key fob to my blue speedy :smile:
  6. I really like the yellow wallet!
  7. I have the blue and its gorgeous! The interior is such a bright happy color, I love looking at it! I love blue and green together too!
    002 (640x390).jpg
  8. Thanks ladies for your input, and bpurse I agree that wallet is gorgeous! Still undecided, going over pictures on the forum of those combinations.
  9. that's pretty!
  10. I think Blue will really complement the green. GL with your decision. Can't wait to see what you get :smile:
  11. Yellow.
  12. blue
  13. Lol, you guys are killing me lol, keep the suggestions coming. I thought I was crazy being indecisive, but the colors are just too appealing.
  14. Yellow - i think of Yellow when I think of Kusama.
  15. blue