Accepting bidpay and not paypal question

  1. I am seriously considering no longer accepting paypal as they require everything be shipped with a tracking number and that is just too cost prohibitive for smaller ticket items (I sell a lot of cosmetics and skin care items). People do not want to pay $12 to ship a bronzing powder or eye cream, when the price to ship it without tracking but with insurance is approx. $7.95 (Canada to the US).

    I am really thinking of opening a US$ account at a bank here in Canada to be able to accept bidpay.

    My question is, for any sellers who do not accept paypal but do accept bidpay, do you have any suggestions on how to word this in the auction so people are not deterred from bidding as most buyers (myself included) prefer paypal?

    I guess another idea is simply to offer money back through paypal for any problems with items that are not traceable and then file a claim with the post office since small packages are insured even if they do not come with tracking.
  2. If it's for eBay, then personally as a buyer, I think that it'd be a hassle for me to use bidpay because I'm protected by using paypal.
  3. If it's simply a shipping issue, then couldn't you still accept PayPal but simply not use the PayPal system to do the shipping? You are in Canada so I don't know how it works there, but I usually just print labels with postage paid through the US Postal Service website instead of going through PayPal's postage printer. Never had a problem with that.
  4. It has nothing to do with the PP shipping system - I don't use the paypal system for shipping.

    The matter is if a buyer says they didn't receive something, as the seller you have to provide paypal with a tracking number to prove you sent it. If you don't provide paypal a tracking number they automatically refund the seller.