Acceptable Shoes for Europe

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  1. I've read in some other threads how sneakers/runners/tennis shoes are not acceptable to wear all the time in Europe and it only shows you as being a gauche American if you wear them.

    So my question is "What are acceptable shoes to wear in Europe?" Pictures would help too.
  2. good question!

    I wore tennis shoes in Italy last time, but not the bright white flavor, I bought dark colored Pumas hoping I didn't stick out like a sore thumb :shame:
  3. Ballerinas are a great option as they're comfortable and don't stick out. Otherwise, colored pumas (as Swanky mentioned) or colored sneakers are good.

    It also depends when you want to go. In winter, Europeans love to wear boots!
  4. I'm originally from Europe, and from what I've seen, sneakers/running shoes are incredibly common, especially in the UK and Ireland. of course, you might want to stay away from really flashy, bright white ones. however, I'd say that regular "toned down" running shoes are fine, as are Converse sneakers, Vans, etc.

    what you might want to avoid is going to nice places (cafes, restaurants) wearing bright white sneakers and sweatpants... but same goes for the US! :P just wear stuff that's appropriate for the occassion and you should be fine.
  5. I also usually wear puma's (non white) when I'm in Europe and also ballet flats.
  6. it depends on where you're going. I can tell you here it wont be a problem. It probably wont be in UK either, at least not IME, but if you're going to paris I recommend not using it if you want to blend in. No sweats, few neutral colors except maybe acents like scarves. Even many of the tourists are very stylish there as they are japanese depending of the time of year. The same rules would be the same or similar in many bigger (capitals and similar) cities on the continent, like in switzerland and milan.
  7. IMO most sneaker varieties would be acceptable, with the exception of super BRIGHT white New Balances or anything too chunky and orthopedic looking.
  8. In Paris I remember seeing Parisians wear black Pumas and black classic converse, but no other types of sneakers. In Italy I think the women tend to be a little dressier, more into boots or cute flats.
  9. A lot of Europeans wear "sleek" sneakers like Pumas. Converse are also very popular. Avoid bulky trainers (think New Balance) because those really stick out. I believe Camper are supposed to be very good for walking, if you'd like something a little more stylish?
  10. When I was in Italy I wore all black mary jane Keens. I wanted something that was comfortable because of all the walking and would go with anything.

    My feet NEVER hurt from the shoes!
  11. I'd probably take ballet flats and Pumas or other trendy sneakers, and switch off. Both are relatively light, so it would be easy to wear one and keep the other in a big purse or backpack. I'd take heels for dinners out though. Just be careful of your heels in the streets and sidewalks... Lots of places to sink into!
  12. as others have said black pumas and ballet flats are good options :tup:
  13. Clarks Artesian. v. comfy and great walking shoes. Absolutely no blisters.
  14. Each time I've traveled to Europe I've worn my black Converse or a cute pair of ballet flats. Always works. But that's no different to what I wear at home.

    I've seen people wear all kinds of shoes, and as long as you're having a great time and not being rude and obnoxious, then it really, truly doesn't matter. :smile:
  15. I’d stay away from the big white Asics/Nike running shoes, but trendy sneakers like pumas/converse/etc will be fine. Ballerinas and flat boots are also a good alternative.