Acceptable amount to pay for 2nd hand inclusions?

  1. Hello just wondered what you all thought was an acceptable amount to pay for last seasons inclusions both pm and gm.

    Ta very much XX
  2. Which color is it?

  3. Any of the older ones, rose pink, beige, black, yellow.

    wonder whats a reasonable price to pay for the pm and gm.

    thanks xx
  4. rose pink & yellow ones are VERY hard to find (both PM & GM). Some were on eBay and they were going for $380-450 for PM, and $400-$550 for GM.
    Black and Beige pops up on eBay more often than older ones, but probably only $20-40 less.
  5. Yeah, unless they're scratched up, Inclusion seems to have a higher resale value than other pieces.
  6. Yeah, the inclusion pieces seem to hold their value so far. And I can see why, loving loving loving mine! :smile:
  7. have you done a completed listing search on eBay yet sweetie?