Accept payment or don't sell to winning bidder? Need advice please.

  1. So, I wasn't ever going to sell on eBay again, but then they had the $.20 listing day and I figured why not get rid of the rest of my stuff. All of my auctions clearly state that I only shipped to confirmed addresses. The winning bidder for one item has under 10 feedback and an unconfirmed address. She also wants me to send next week because she is out of town.

    Do I accept the payment in my Paypal account or go back to her and try to clarify my terms? She seems very nice and paid immediately and I want to trust her, but I just don't know what's best in this situation. Maybe I'm looking too hard for something to be wrong, but the shipping next week concerned me too. She didn't pay for insurance on her item (which is about $200), so if I send, do I buy it anyway?

    Any advice from more experienced eBayers would be very much appreciated. TIA!
  2. I'm not an expert on selling, but seeing as she wants the item shipped next week, anyway, I'd ask her if she can possibly confirm her address before paying (assuming that's possible).

    Also, I always build insurance into the shipping price (and therefore, make it compulsory), as it is the seller's responsibility to ensure that the item reaches the buyer safely.

    It is way to risky to send expensive items without insurance, IMO. :s

    I don't think that you can expect her to pay it now, if you stated it was optional, though. So you may have to swallow the cost, I'm afraid.
  3. I ship to unconfirmed addresses if I feel comfortable. You can always add signature confirmation too.
    Also I make sure that the buyers name and payment received from name is the same.
    If she wants you to hold the item that is not a bad sign, many scammers want you to ship right away!
  4. I agree with the advice here. Why not just explain your slight concern given your experiences? You can do it in a very pleasant way and then gauge her response. If she insists on going without insurance/is otherwise obstructive, I'd cancel the bid, but give her a chance is my suggestion and be completely honest about why you have reservations.
  5. Thanks! Turns out several items were bid on by people with unconfirmed addresses. The lady I mentioned above was very nice and understanding. I think she's the real deal. Hopefully, the others will turn out the same.

    Thanks again for the advice. :smile:
  6. i would ONLY send if she confirmed that addy. the addy just has to match the cc on file. adn sice that is claerly in your auction, that is taht. keep safe on eBay darlin!
  7. What is an unconfirmed address?
  8. All it means is that your billing address and shipping address don't match. It's a problem for sellers because if as a seller you ship to an unconfirmed address, you are not protected by Paypal's seller protection policy.
  9. Actually, I'm one of the person who buys on eBay without a confirmed address. Why? I don't live in U.S.A. and besides, even if I have a shipping address in U.S.A., I usually deliver the packages to my sisters address. So why not ship to unconfirmed shipping address??
  10. If I get a winning bidder with an unconfirmed address, I just email and confirm the address with the bidder before shipping. I send a little email that says: "I note you have an unconfirmed address, it's listed as <address>, is that correct?" They always email back and say yes and then I ship. At least then I've made contact and have a paper trail if there's a problem. I don't sell many very expensive items, so I'm comfortable shipping to unconfirmed addresses - most people don't even realize that there's such a thing as confirmed vs unconfirmed.
  11. I've shipped to non-confirmed addresses without a problem. Just make sure you do a signature confirmation and insurance and you should be fine.
  12. Paypal told me this paper trail is all they need if there is a problem.
  13. I have only sold two items on ebay and I never looked at that. I don't know if I shipped to confirmed or unconfirmed. I will go check. I guess I need to check that out. Glad I looked at this thread.
  14. That's a good tip, thanks, I'm going to do that in future.
  15. If she payed right away she must really want it badly.You should ask her if the unconfirmed adress on the Paypal payment is the right one so you can send it to her.