Accelerate patina process

  1. Hi Ladies

    I just bought a new longer strap for my baggy pm. However, I had the bag for the last 6 months and the vachetta has patina to light golden brown. So, I would like to know if there's any way to accelarate the patina on my new strap so it cld nearly match the leather on my bag. Thanks!!
  2. Leave it in sunlight
  3. I heard saddle soap works great!
  4. Take a steamy hot bath and put the strap near the steam, this worked so well for my speedy 25.

    ^ be careful not to get any water on it though!
  5. Leave it in the sun:yes:
  6. Tanning bed!
  7. I use Saddle Soap :yes:
  8. I put my brand new mono speedy 30 in a sunny window and rotated it on the half hour, lol, to get an even color distribution and it worked! It now is a slight peachy color and I did it only for 4 days or so. I got it on Feb. 2 and today on the 18th I finally wore it. I def. think putting it in the sun for hours a day works. But I would flip the leather strap over and over throughout the day and make sure no shadows are hitting it so it is evenly exposed to the sun.
  9. Thanks soo much Ladies, for your suggestions!! :biggrin:
    Btw, can I use mink oil instead of saddle soap?? :confused1:
  10. ^ i heard that mink oil will 'clog the pores' of the vachetta.

    Also, that using mink oil is a big no no.
  11. saddle soap and water works GREAT, and when not in use, leave it on the window sill. Then USE USE USE. It will catch up.
  12. I've tanned my keepall and I'm pretty pleased with how the patina turned out. However, I only did it to one side, so now my patina is totally different on oposite sides, lol.
  13. Leve it in strong sunlisght for few days. Remember about turning strap!
  14. direct sunlight for a few days will help.