Acai Berry

  1. Acai Berry

    do they sell this in usa
    and where
    i was reading Perricone BOOK and i wanted to try this any help i get thanks in advance
  2. If you are looking for a genuine product that offers all of the benefits of the Acai berry, then I suggest you look into Monavie. It is the ONLY COMPANY/PRODUCT that has the ability to provide the complete nutritional value that this amazing fruit has to offer.

    Good luck to you, and I wish you only the best in your search for a better quality of life!

  3. you can get acai shakes at Jamba Juice!
  4. I know [SIZE=-1]Häagen-Dazs has a new sorbet that has the Acai Berry and blueberries. It tastes quite different from other sorbets in that it is not sweet but has a bit of bitterness to it.
  5. Whole Foods sells tons of Acai berry products! The last time (about 3 weeks ago) I was there, they had a whole refridgerated section of Acai drinks.

    POM-the makers of that pomagrante juice in the funky bottle has an acai drink too. My local grocer sells that brand in the cold fruit/veggie section (where they keep the Marie's bleu cheese & cole slaw stuffs).
  6. Has anyone tried Acai supplements? I'm not a fan of juice and was wondering if it's just as good.
  7. hmm i've only had acai berry flavored emergen-c

    it's nasty!
  8. omg acai is soooo good... in brasil acai is like a sorbet w granola and fruit on top omg i miss it sooo much.. ive only ever seen it in that form at a shake shop in atlanta.. dont know where else you could get it
  9. I think it is so good for you -- I have read the Perricone Promise also. I regularly purchase Monavie . I also purchase other juices from Whole Foods. I drink my juice in the morning with my multivitamin and Omega 3/6/9 capsule. I would recommend Bolt house Bom Dia juices -- Acai Berry w/ pomegranate and Acai Berry w/ Blueberry.
  10. i heard acai is fabulous for you. Does anyone recommend supplements?

  11. Costco sells BomDia Acai berry w/ Blueberry for $10....much more affordable than MonaVie. It's pretty good but watch the calorie count on it. I only drink 8 oz a day.
  12. Bump!

    I had been using the acai berry supplements and I really liked them, I am definitely a believer. I felt like I had more energy and it seemed to help me with weight....but now I'm pregnant:blush:, so I'm taking a break from them. I used to order from without a problem at all, in case anyone is looking for their new year's resolutions!
  13. I just ordered some Acai Berry supplements. I should have them in about a week I guess. I will let you guys know after a couple of weeks if they are working. I am trying to lose the same 15 lbs I've lost and re-gained for the last 3 years. :sad:
  14. i saw bottles of it at costco, in the supplement section....looked like wine bottles....

    $18/bottle....much less than monavie i understand (haven't tried either)
  15. Sorry, I know this is an old thread, but I've been searching online for Acai berry supplements and there are so much out there especially the "free trial" ones, and I don't know which to buy or whether they are scams (i.e. they say it's free but then charge your cc as soon as you get it). I just don't trust what anyone is saying on those sites (they could've made up those "reviews"), but I trust my fellow tpfers =). Anyone purchase any Acai berry supplements? Do they work? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!