Acadia/Acacia W/Blue Handles Spy Has Arrived!Pics

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  1. :yahoo:I am so excited my Spy has arrived and I am just lovin it:heart:. It is so much nicer IRL than in pictures. I have been calling it Acadia since that is what I have seen everyone else calling it, but on the Authenticate card it says Acacia. So what is it? I am confused. For anyone wanting this bag it is luscious! baglady I have Liz's sister Yahoo! [​IMG]

  2. Congrats! Soooo prettttyyyy :drool:
  3. I really like that! Its different and sooo pretty! Congrats to you
  4. :dothewave:Shockey!! Its gorgeous! We are spy twins!! Don't ya love it!

    On the Acadia/acacia thing, not really sure, I first called it Acacia and a PFer corrected me I think...maybe it does not matter...its a Mahhhvelous Spy Bag!
  5. wow :drool: The color contrast.... I am drooling just looking at it!! :biggrin: Big congrats girl!! :yahoo:
  6. Congrats on ur new spy!:yahoo:
  7. Beautiful. Love the color.
  8. I love that bag! Congrats, its a beauty
  9. YAYYY looooooooove it!!!:heart::heart: So happy for you, congrats!
  10. Such a beautiful spy, is that the one that was on eBay? Its stunning
  11. Congrats! Been waiting for these pics. What a beautiful and unique spy!
  12. Hi, sorry to hijack thread but its BalenciagaLove birthday today anyone wanting to wish HB thread on GD Thanks
  13. Beautiful, congrats.
  14. OMG, gorgeous gorgeous spy! One of my all time favorite spies ... congrats and enjoy that beauty!
  15. CONGRATS!! She is beautiful!:love: