Academic Suffix

  1. Guys, I need a little help here..As some of you know from my "Congratulation to me" thread, I graduated from my MBA yesterday. :smartass: :noworry: This is my first graduate degree and since I was born, raised and attended to college in a foreign country, I'm not familiar of how to use my new academic suffix here in US. In my country, the academic suffix is spelled out in full before the name. I noticed some of my co-workers added their adademic initials as a suffix to their personal names but others who also claimed to have graduates degrees don't. I don't want to look "stupid" by re-printing my business cards and everything if not neccesary. What do you suggest?:p
  2. I basically only add my credentials to my name (and the initials come after my name) if it's something related to work.