AC wrecking my skin - help!

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  1. I've had problem skin since my early teens, starting as mild to moderate acne and now at 27 I have very sensitive combination skin with the occasional breakout. My skin is always worse in winter due to indoor heating, so I was looking forward to summer as usual and a more natural indoor climate.

    Three weeks ago I started a new job where the AC is cranked up all the way, all the time. I started noticing changes in my skin from day one, and it's still worsening! I went from having a few dry patches on my cheeks and a slightly oily t-zone to getting bumps, huge pores, giant puss filled acne and so much sebum production I go through blotting papers like a maniac. I'm itchy all over my body and the acne has spread to my chest, back and even scalp!

    I'm freaking out and don't know what to do, I just feel so horrible and ugly all the time. Has anyone else gone through something similar? Did you find any products that helped? Right now I use mostly Paula's Choice products for combination/oily skin: cleanser and spf moisturizer in the morning, cleanser, salicylic acid, antioxidant serum and moisturizer in the evening, with benzoyl peroxide on the worst spots. I shower every other day and avoid really hot water, and try to drink as much water as possible during the day. It's helping a little, but not enough! If anyone can help I'd appreciate it a lot!
  2. I'd contact a dermatologist.. the itching indicates some kind of reaction to
    something you might be using..

    Are the AC filters clean in your office & is anyone else experiencing any of your
    facial/body symptoms or anything else?

  3. Everyone else seems fine, and I'm not using any products I haven't been using regularly for years already. The itching is more a result of dry skin and some acne (itchy acne is the worst!). I'm hoping it's a transitional phase and my skin will mellow once it gets used to this, but if not I should probably see a dermatologist, yeah.
  4. do you sit in an office or cubicle? I'd invest in a personal size air purifier

  5. This might be an idea! Or maybe a humidifier, if I could get a super silent one for my desk. I'm in a cubicle so I don't want to annoy anyone else with noise. Thanks for the tip!
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