AC Trip

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  1. Hey guys just got back from a week vacation at the Borgata in Atlantic City
    (not really a vacation cuz its still in the same state) and man did I see boat loads of LV but so many that it was like ok enough. Too many speedy's. I saw one Mirror speedy :tup: and several mono keepalls and my damier one of course lol. I also saw a suhali fab and 2 perfo speedys.

    I did not go in LV at Caesars palace:tdown: because I know I have no control in there. Anyone else been to the Borgata its really nice but I couldn't get my mom to the pier at Caesars cuz she wouldn't leave the poker table. :confused1:
  2. i went to Atlantic City last Aug. I went on a vacation to new Jersey and my family took us to Wildwood, and on the way home we stopped at Atlantic City. I wasn't addicted to LV fact I was about until 4 days after when I got my 1st LV.

    lol....sounds like you had a great time though!
  3. I went to Wildwood after prom I don't really remember it though lol.