AC LV Has it ALL! I got nothing...

  1. Decided to go back into Atlantic City LV on Wednesday even after the worst experience ever and glad I did. They were so much nicer (must have received a ton of complaints and all had attitude adjustments) and had a tiny bit more knowledge. What they did have was everything! Everything in the new Epi, the Leopard bags, the Mini Lin Speedy and the whole Groom line. They also had the Groom Keychain which is adorable and the Multi Pastilles Bracelet/keychain (hanging across the handles of the new Epi Alma) which I almost bought (both). I am going back down this Wednesday and going crazy!!! I couldn't decide between the Alma or the Mini Lin Speedy or either keychain. Anyway, if you are looking for something, they probably have it. I know they had the watch that DH wants and the SA was so nice, letting him have his time to play (in spite of me dragging her all over the store like a lunatic on speed). She noticed my Lockit and the Fortune Cles hanging from it and laughed like crazy when she saw the Geant Pionnier backpack in my son's stroller (which is so big he could fit into it-it's a temporary diaper bag and toy holder until he is about 6 and can carry the thing). They have all of the Damier Geant in Black and Dh was looking and looking (hmmm-xmas). So anyway, if you've been there and had a bad experience, give them another try. If you've never been there and are close enough...GO! :heart:
  2. I'm glad it went well for you.
  3. Yes I was at AC LV 2 weeks ago - beautiful big store, I was pleasently surprised to see everything etc etc.

    I ooogled a DamierKnightsbridge while there but did not buy either.
  4. I went a second time to the AC LV and it was much better the last time, in terms of customer service. Thank god!!
  5. Glad you had a better expereince this time around. I heard it's a great place for eye candy!