AC Jet Setter Jr. -- difference btw Gunmetal and Stone?

  1. hi ladies! anyone have the AC Jet Setter Jr. in Gunmetal or Stone? What is the difference? The Stone is Glazed-- does that make a difference? thanks!
  2. I exchanged a Mid-City Tote in Gunmetal for a Mini-city tote in Stone. Gunmetal is a dark metallic, like a pewter color and it's very nice. The stone is glazed so it's shinier, but not metallic. It's a warm grey, and has brown undertones with a hint of purple. You can wear it with both warm and cool toned clothes and it could possibly replace a black bag in summer. I only returned the Gunmetal because I have another bag in almost the same color, (and the size didn't work for me). The Gunmetal leather may have been a little thicker, I don't remember clearly, the Stone is definitely a thin leather. Hope this helps you. Hope this post is of some help to you?