AC Jet Setter Jr. Arrives!

  1. I am back once again hoping to get some educated advice. I received my AC Jet Setter Jr. in the Glazed black. Wow is is HUGE!!! The leather is soft, soft and very pretty, however now I am wondering if the matte black is a better choice for such a large bag on a very small gal. I am 5 foot 4 about 105lbs. Maybe it would not be so ostentacious - what do you think and what is your favorite. Matte or Glazed????
  2. Hi there, I'm 5'4 and I have the Jet Setter Jr in the glazed black and Ruby. You'll get used to to the size :smile: I adore this style of bag and think it's a real showstopper. I've seen the bag in the regular black leather but personally, it's a little more, sedate? I guess? Anyway, its just not my particular style. Looooove the glazed so thats my vote :tup:
  3. I'd love to see some modeling pics. This it the next bag on my wishlist (in glazed aqua). I've never seen it IRL, but I think for black I would prefer the glazed. Black is such a common color, the glaze might give it that extra POP.
  4. Tada! Crappy cell phone pix,which won't help with the glaze much (they're both glazed) but maybe will help with understanding the size....I hope. Sorry for the sweatshirt Lol! I was already in my PJ's :p


  5. Cuuuuuuute! It's always so helpful to see them on a real person. This looks like it would be a great bag for work.
  6. Thank you for the pictures. I appreciate your opinions and I now feel better about my choice. I guess I need to get used to the size like you said. I have always adored large bags but somehow this one seems so HUGE! It certainly is a lot of bag for the price. The quality of the leather is outstanding.
  7. Oh i am so jealous...I am craving the Jet Setter... I saw it at Luna Boston and I have fallen in love!! Congrats on your find and they are beautiful.

    I am not a huge fan of glazed leather so I would say the matte. And I LOVE big bags, the bigger the better so I would say keep it!!!
  8. Gorgeous! I love the finish on the leather.
  9. I like the glazed, but I like the matte too. Sorry, I don't think I'm helping! The glazed makes it a bit more dressy and the matte (so so soft) makes the bag a bit more casual. The bag is a keeper either way.
  10. I just saw both bags at Nordstrom about three hours ago. The leather on both glazed and matte is beautiful. The red bag is is gorgeous in person. I think the size is fine on pretty much anyone; I'm somewhat short -- 5'3" and small and it seemed perfectly okay for me, as well as on the SA, who was taller.

    Enjoy -- you made a great purchase.