AC City tote wearers: How do you prefer to wear yours?Shoulder folded or open on arm?

  1. Trying to decide what I like best
  2. I don't have one, but I like the way it looks with the shoulder folded (from the pics that i've seen anyway)
  3. I agree, I wear it folded on my shoulder but I use it for school so if it has like my folders and stuff and a lot of my other junk that I carry with me when I go to class, I wear it on my elbow (full length)...either way I love it because the colors are gorgeous! (I have one in platinum and one in gunmetal!)
  4. All my friends make fun of me if I don't fold it because it's so super huge (and I'm only 5'5) so I tend to fold it. But I also like it open so if I'm in the mood and don't need my hands free I'll wear it on my arm or shoulder.
  5. I also like it equally both ways. I switch off constantly through the day.
  6. It isn't too big to wear open? I saw one in Nordstrom the other day, but I was worried I would look silly if I didn't fold it over.
  7. Well, my friends say I look silly with it open sometime but I just love the darn bag so much that I don't care! It's all about how it makes YOU feel anyway, not anyone else.
  8. sorry if my two cents only half count.. i just bought a mini city tote in platinum but returned it b/c the leather just didn't feel that great and the stitching seems kinda poorly done. but for the mini, it's not so big that i think it looks good folded or open.
    i apologize if i offended any city tote owners!
  9. ^ not offensive; I've noticed that the leather quality can vary extremely depending on which color bag one is holding: my cobalt mini has thick luscious leather.

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    I generally wear it unfolded b/c I love the shape which is one of the main reasons that I bought this bag.