AC City tote colors!!! HELP!!!!!

  1. I am considering getting the Anna Corinna City Tote after I fell in love with it after I saw it in the Blue Bags thread, but am unsure one which color to get.... So, I was wondering if you guys could help me decide on a color... Thanks!!

    I am planning on getting the mini size since I think the regular size might be too big on me...

    (pic from


    Light Blue:

  2. Wow, tough choice... I'm drawn to the red because I feel that it's easier to maintain than white and it goes better with jeans than blue bags. But if I had to choose a blue, I think I would go with the Ottanio - I love blues with grey undertones!!
  3. I love the first bright blue on and the fuxia one. The red looks like it would be really casual and versatile, which is hard to find in a red!
  4. I love the Ottanio, but I think you'd have to look at the type of colors you wear regularly. Also, different colors just seem to match different people. I could never do a red, for example.
  5. I actually was thinking about buying my next AC mini in that light blue color, I love it. the cobalt also looks really nice.
  6. My vote is for the grey. It would make a great fall/winter bag!
  7. Thanks for your feedback guys!! Keep them coming....
  8. I recently got that winknyc cobalt city tote and i love it!!!
  9. The cobalt is really pretty (the photo is actually very accurate) and works well in the mini size. I oredered it but returned it because one of the zipper pulls was missing. The cobalt leather is soft, whereas I think some of the other colors are glazed and/or distressed - not sure if that matters to you.
  10. I love, love, love the Ottanio. Reminds me of the Caribbean. The cobalt is very striking, but probably not as versatile as the ottanio.
  11. I love the gray one most
  12. Cobalt!
  13. Red or Cobalt.
  14. Have you seen the colors Lake and Sapphire?

    Lake, from

    Sapphire, glazed leather,
  15. Light blue or ottanio or (possibly) the Lake color. I love blue. I don't own a single blue bag and that's GOT to change.