1. Hello everyone!

    I need your help :confused1: I'm considering adopting a retired Abyssinian from a lovely and reputable local breeder :yahoo:I'm still working things out, but I would love to know how you feel about the breed, if any of you own one (or more!), your experience, etc.

    I've read a lot about the breed and a colleague of mine owns one, so it's not unknown territory, but I would greatly appreciate other opinions!

    The breeder told me that the cat is a sweet, loving little lady and that she LOVES to be held and having lots of human affection. She's a 5 years old blue Aby:smile:

    I'm probably going to see her in about 2 weeks, I'm so excited! I know, it's a bit silly but I'm just already looking forward to taking that kitty home with me and haven't even met her yet, it's really thrilling!!!

    I know some of you might say that it's better adopting from shelters, and I wholeheartedly agree, but in the end, it's pretty much the same, as that cat also needs a home, and I know by taking her with me, that I'm not encouraging irresponsible backyard breeders :nogood:

    Hehe sorry that was a bit long :smile: I can't wait to hear about your experience with the breed! And here's a picture of what blue Abys look like (from cfanorthatlantic.org), because I won't have actual pictures until later on this week, as her breeder is off to a national cat exposition :smile:

  2. Wow, that's a gorgeous cat.
  3. I have had ruddy and blue abys. They have the best personalities, like dogs almost. Both of mine loved belly scratches and when you pulled your hand away, they would take both paws and pull your hand back down to their belly. They also loved to fetch and just need to be around their human. They are energetic and love to play. I suggest getting a laser toy so they can go crazy.
  4. Yeah, my work colleague has a ruddy Aby... he is SOOOOO gorgeous, with the most stunning eyes :heart:

    Thanks hermes, that's what I was told :p I can't wait to be that little baby's human :nuts: I'm sure she will be very spoiled, just like our other cat :wlae: He's the king of the house hehe!
  5. Get one! This is my favorite breed of cat. They are the most awesomely beautiful cats. Such great personalities. I had one that passed last year. I miss her dearly. When I would make a kissy face, my Aby would 'kiss" me back even though she had no lips. LOL. If you have any questions, you can pm me. :smile:
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    I'm about to get an Abyssinian kitten, we met the breeder on the cat show and now are getting ready for a trip to Long Island, NY on Tuesday. I'm so excited!
    Wish me luck!!!
    Here is the daddy of our kitten
  7. Abys are great cats with great personalities. My 20 year old Himalayan was two when I got him from a breeder who wanted to place him in a nice pet home. I had three rescue cats at the time and had always wanted a Himalayan. All of his buddies have since passed and it's just he and I together. I'm amazed he outlived his mixed breed counterparts as purebreds usually don't have longevity.

    It sounds like this little Aby was used for breeding and the breeder now wants to retire her into a loving home. Responsible breeders do this and it's a practice that is fair to the cats. Take her and love her!
  8. OMG I love Abyssinian cats. It's the one breed of cat I truly wish to own. I have a friend with two ruddys and they are the most darling cats I've ever met.

    I can't wait to see pics of your kitty!
  9. ^^ awe, those kitty's are soooooooooooooooo cute!!!...i had a friend once with 2 abby's & they were the most amazing cats...they were brothers & she got them as kittens & they grew up together...and like some other gals said, they're more like dogs than cats...they're highly intelligent, are very affectionate & have tons of energy...if i wasn't allergic & could have any cat, it would be an abyssinian :tender:
  10. Wow...what a gorgeous kitty. They are so elegant-looking.
  11. We brought our little girl home yesterday, she is mostly hiding under the couch, coming out to play a little, and crying a lot, I suppose she misses her brother and sisters, my poor baby!
    She is 10 weeks old, rudy miracle! I will post pictures when she'll let me photograph her, not now though.
  12. Congrats!!!! I can't wait to see your baby's pictures!
  13. ^^ awe, that's so cute, can't wait to see pictures!!!...don't worry, she'll come out of her shell soon...this happens sometimes when cats undergo big changes...due to my severe cat allergies/asthma, we had to give our beloved kitty to my best friend (he was my DH's cat before we got married)...and the poor little guy hid from her & her husband for hours...they were freaking out, thinking he ran away...until, finally they found him hiding in the bathroom...he was sitting on the bathtub ledge, in between the 2 shower curtains :p
  14. ^^Wow that's a good hiding place haha
  15. I adore abby's! I think they're the prettiest cats (don't tell my one bengal princess) and have amazing personalities. I had one friend whose little girl always had to join her and play in the shower - that cat adored the water! Congratulations on your new baby!