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  1. I never see messages, I'm always posting on the app. Anyhow, I replied, but just incase you don't see the messages either, I'm going to post here!

    A thousand times no!! It made me think about how very lucky I am to have her actually, and I just got wordy and spewing stuff that may have brought the thread down and I didn't want to do that! Please don't think you offended me! Sometimes I feel like I just need to blow smoke and release. Thank you for being sensitive enough to even think that way though. I promise, I never, ever felt that way!! :smile:

    For those that are clueless, we were teasing about making my 12 yr old DD clean and the comment made me contemplate how lucky I am to have her. She is beyond her years mature and supportive. We deal with a tremendous amount of stress with my 10 yr old DD (have you ever heard that premature babies can go through their own form of PTSD?). Anyhow, the two of them have a connection that is so very strong, and even as my 12 yr old 'grows up' and does her own things, she makes time for her sister and when her dad is out of town and I am at the end of my rope, she will step in and calm the waters with her sister. I can't even begin to explain... It's been an especially rough couple of weeks and I got wordy in another thread and ended up deleting because I didn't want to bring the tone of that thread down. abwd thought she may have offended me and she couldn't be further from the truth! :smile:

    I hesitate in hitting the post button because maybe this isn't the place for this discussion. I don't 'know' the people in the family forums and it's not truly I'm looking for advice on because we are getting excellent help. Sometimes it just feels good to vent and I'd hope it would never be used against me for sharing it. Sorry for the novel. ::embarrassed grin::
  2. Is this supposed to be a private message? Sorry, I'm confused. :shame:
  3. I saw it as I was running out this morning. I am glad you are not offended and thanks for taking the time to respond. You are so sweet.

  4. No, I sent a PM, but I also posted here in the case she missed the PM. Sorry. Maybe I should delete it?

    ETA, I posted it mainly for the reason above but also I didn't want anyone else to think I had deleted a post for a reason beyond what it was. If it's better for me to delete the post, I will.

  5. Oh good! :smile:
  6. Kids are tough. Being a parent is tougher.
  7. I need to close this. Messages just for one member really need to be kept to PM :tender:
    We have a wonderful Parenting forum for discussing our kids!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.