Abused White MC LV wallet...tips for cleaning??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a white multicolore wallet that I have not taken the best care of. The white MC part of the wallet has developed black dots where the surface is bumpy and slightly raised. I have tried coach leather cleaner, apple leather cleaner and also baby wipes to get the black dots off, but it does absolutely nothing. Do you guys have any tips?

    Also what is the best thing to use to clean the leather trim on the LV's?

    Thanks TIA!! :flowers:
  2. I don't have any tips..i will give it a bump so others can see
  3. what are the black spots? try magic eraser.... i tried it on my Mc speedy's vachetta and i got some dark stuff out... let us knnow
    how it goes...
  4. If you could post pics we could prob be of more help. If you decide to go the Magic Eraser route, be sure to use sparingly and be sure to moisturize! It will dry out the leather!!!
  5. Don't use ME on Multicolore. In my experience, it will take off the Multicolore! Unfortunately, I have no other advice for you, but I do know that much. Sorry, I can't be of any other help.
  6. Why dont u bring it back and ask the SA for help? I think they will have some magic cleaners in the store.
  7. Hi Guys,

    Here are some pics of the damage. Actually I was in the LV store the other day I should have asked them then, but didn't think to.
    MCLV1.jpg MCLV2.jpg MCLV3.jpg MCLV4.jpg
  8. My Koala has one tiny spot like that too. I just figured it came with the territory with owning textured white canvas. But if anyone has a remedy, I'd probably try it.
  9. I remember the LV store recommended saddle soap.

    I've got an abused MC cles as well, in white - nothing has gotten the dirt out. :sad:
  10. I have a mini HL in the MC canvas and mine does get dirty on the raised bumps sometimes. I don't have any special techniques/cleaners, but I use a soft bristle toothbrush with some liquid soap, and just scrub directly on the dirty area - that way I can avoid rubbing right over the MC logos. Hope that works for you!
  11. My SA recommended saddle soap on my white MC alma. I had gotten a BBQ stain on the bottom on the vachetta. It darkened the vachetta just a little bit. I also used it on the canvas and it shined it up. I didn't have any dark marks like yours, so I don't know if it would help that. I love the way it darkened the bottom of my alma so I used it on the handles, too. Looks more patina'd.
  12. how about a regular white rubber eraser? Like the kind you use on pencil marks? Perhaps that might help! Tell us if it works!
  13. Tweetie I'll try the toothbrush and hopefully that will help.

    Mas2388 The eraser sounds like a pretty good idea too. I"ll try it.

    I'll try the saddle soap for the vachetta too.

    Thanks a bunch girls :flowers:.
  14. Oh, oh, now I am all worried about my MC Koala, I've had it for a few months and been afraid to use it. Just sitting in my closet while I admire it once in a while. In general, I think wallets take alot more abuse than bags.
  15. Really?? I have been using mine daily for six months and it still looks gorgeous. I LOVE that wallet. Sure, there is one spot, UNDER the closure/fold, that has a few pale gray dots that no-one but me will ever notice, but it doesn't bother me. It still looks beautiful and is as durable as ever, IMO. The vachetta even has a patina now, I think!