Abused Speedy 30 Hotline Report

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  1. So today I am working for a cafe in San Francisco -- so I am sitting typing on my report when a young girl (20-25) walks in with her Monogrammed Speedy 30 on her arm. It looks "well loved" to say the least but she puts in on the counter and places her order.

    She orders some drink with whipped cream and a bagel -- as she is picking up her drink, she gets some whipped cream on her finger ...which she then proceeds to wipe on the inside of her purse!

    Then she sits down at a table and pulls out her cell phone from her purse and there are DOODLES on the inside of her bag -- literally someone has taken a pen and written on the insde of the bag.

    Finally as she is talking on the phone, she RESTS her feet on her bag -- her icky tennis shoes on the Speedy. :crybaby:

    While I am not one to baby my purchases, I just found this a little excessive!

    I REALLY want to go over and rescue her purse! I mean isn't there a Speedy Rescue Group? They have them for greyhound dogs -- why not for abused purses!
  2. Aaaaw, that poor speedy :sad: somebody should really take it away from her and give it to a loving home, I'm sure some tPF'er would make it feel loved again :graucho:
  3. That's terrible! Regardless of whether it's an LV or not, this person clearly does not value her possessions. I'd almost bet (if I were a betting person) that she did not purchase the bag herself - I feel like people who work hard to buy something nice would never treat any of their possessions that way. Actually, even if it was a gift, I think most people would still take care.
  4. Eeewww:yucky: .
    LV is made to be used but not THAT used, I wouldn't even treat a cheaper bag like that as I don't like my things to be dirty.
  5. Yikes. I remember writing my name all over my red Hello Kitty bag. I was 6.:p

    I would've handed her a napkin.
  6. Ew, regardless of what kind of bag it was, who in their right mind wipes their fingers off on the interior of their purse? That is just gross!
  7. I would've yelled at her!
  8. yikes!!! that was a really descriptive story I loved and hated hearing about it at the same time. I totally treat my bags the opposite, I wipe a surface with my hand before I even dream of setting my bag anywhere that isn't in my house or car passenger seat. lol about her using it as a foot rest and wiping her whipped cream finger on her bag inside, Woah!!! she makes me shudder with that type of behavior.

    I would love to post some of the auctions for the most beat up and abused speedy bags I've seen on eBay. I've seen ones with holes and black handles(euphamistically called a wonderful patina, dirt is not patina, agh!!!)
  9. Shocked!!
  10. Omggg that is such awful bag abuse!
  11. WoW!! I'm speechless! :wtf:
  12. eeeewwwww...next thing you'll tell us is that she took it outside and used the poor speedy as a port-a-potty. GROSS! People can be pigs and she doesn't deserve LV (or any other designer bag). :throwup: :yucky:
  13. :crybaby: poor speedy! that is a little excessive!
  14. I think my mom would've kicked me around big time if I did something like that with one of my bags - especially LV which is the epirome of luxury to her. Seriously, don't this girl have any manners? If she can't treat her things nicely, she shouldn't get nice things. It's obvious that she has just been given that bag without any work, because nobody who works hard for what they've got treats their stuff like that.
  15. She should be LV banned and forced to carry her stuff in a plastic (Wal-Mart) sack!!!!