Absolutely TDF Rouge Vif Part-time!!!

  1. Love it! The leather is TDF!:love:
  2. wow, i've never even heard of RV part time, this one is really pretty and a good price too!
  3. Fendi.... I want this one :drool: :drool: :drool:
  4. Just checked, my money tree is barren :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  5. Ooohhh...this bag is GORGEOUS IRL...I couldn't decide between it and the Rouge First...I got the First, because the Part Time was a little big for me, but I am still thinking about it! They have them at Nordstron Arden Fair in Sacramento...Just FYI if you want it but miss the eBay auction. They had about 4 of them as of this past Saturday...you could call and get it over the phone.
  6. Yes, the leather is just TDF IRL!! Something about Rouge VIF...it has the BEST leather!!!
  7. If it looks this spectacular in pictures, I can't imagine how it looks in person! WOW!! :drool:
  8. Gorgeous - someone grab this quick!
  9. I promised myself that I would not have more than one bag in each color, but this one is SO pretty:confused1:

    Someone please buy this bag & remove the temptation!