Absolutely sick to my stomach. Buyer claims no LV Speedy inside box.

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  1. Edna - I am so sorry about what you are going through. I hope everything works out for you in the end. :hugs:

    eBay really needs a middle man that would help resolve the risk to sellers and buyers. They should have an independent company be responsible for receiving the item from the seller (check to make sure the item is as described, authentic, verify its presence, etc.) and the payment from the buyer. When both sides of the transaction have been fulfilled, the items will then be released to the two parties involved. I know this is idealistic but there is just too much risk on eBay. It is so unfortunate because the majority of eBay transactions are with good, honest people. But the few scammers out there really ruin the entire experience for everyone. Don't know if this can EVER happen...just an idea. :P

    As for the insurance amount, I know that when I ship an item and purchase the shipping label online, I can only insure an item for up to $500 (domestic). If I am shipping an item of greater value, I have to purchase the insurance at the post office...maybe that's why it only allowed you to insure the item for up to $650?
  2. mimibag - I'm not sure why, but maybe it is easier to deal with any sort of PP claim in the US rather than a foreign country? That's just my guess.

    gotbighair - Thank you! Your idea is a good one! It certainly might cut down on the scams. But the scammers would probably find a way to cheat the system. They're like roaches. Dirty roaches :mad: I don't think the issue is limited insurance online (for international, at least). I've been able to check prices for shipping to other countries and sometimes it shows greater amounts. But I've never actually purchased postage online, so it might be different after actually going through the purchasing process.
  3. I'm in disbelief of how Paypal allows this to happen so easily. I am not a power seller, just wanted to sell one of my Prada bags 2 months ago. I sold the bag, seller came back 1 month later and filed the SNAD. Paypal sided for her- she claimed I sent her a broken bag (it left my hands in perfect condition). As a result, I basically gave away the bag for free- paypal sided with the buyer. I'll never sell anything on ebay again because it's fertile ground for fraud.
    I've also noticed even though you list the item on ebay stating "no international bidders", there is nothing to stop anyone from bidding, and there seems to be no time limit as to when the buyer can file this "SNAD".
  4. This is a sad story...

    I 'd like to say that custom fees in European countries are really high when it comes to packages from the US. In my country it reaches 40% for anything declared over US$120.
    I personally prefer to buy from reputable US stores, and anything under 100.
    This could also be a case of theft, if there is a description like "bag " or "shoes" on the package. Customs officers are not always 100% honest... My hubby had stuff stolen once or twice.
  5. rkuro - when you are setting up the auction there is an option for "buyer limitations" or something like that. It's a blue hyperlink and you click on it an a pop-up box comes up that allows you to prevent all types of buyers from bidding on your items. One of them is to block bidders who do not reside where you ship. As long as you put US only shipping in your shipping options, this should keep people whose ebay accounts are registerd in other countries from bidding.
  6. ^^ Yup! That's what I do. You can always specify buyers that you want to exclude from the buyer requirements as well.
  7. Buyer has 45 days to file a SNAD. Did she not return your bag? Doesn't paypal require you to return the bag before issuing a refund?
  8. I do remember bay offered escrow service similar to what you described. I don't know what happened to it now, but maybe it wasn't cost effective.
  9. Close the bank account linked with your Paypal account now! If you don't, Paypal can take out the money six months from now. I would also de-link my credit cards until you can get this mess resolved. Trust me, you will be so gun-shy after this experience, it will be quite a while before you'll even want to visit eBay.
  10. Thanks- I actually did that, when setting up the auction. That's why, I didn't know how the Bangkok address came through.

    pigalle74- I called Paypal's customer service (this was the 1st -and last time this happened)- the rep was very short with me and basically gave me the option of "Partial" or "Full refund" because my bag was sent to buyer as broken. I insisted that it was in good shape when it left my hands- but wheres the proof? STUPID me, I agreed to Partial refund (had no idea this meant buyer keeps the bag). Lots of lessons learned on my part, but I will no longer be a seller (or buyer) on ebay.
  12. I called my bank a few days ago and told them to block Paypal from accessing it, I think she said it was called a "stop payment". Cost me $35. Do you think I should just close the account? Also, I can't de-link my credit cards from paypal because you can't edit cards while your PP account has a negative balance. I guess maybe I can call the all the cards I have on file and tell them the whole story and have my account numbers changed/new cards issued.
  13. Call your CC company and have your account numbers changed.
  14. If your account has a negative balance the damage may already have been done.
  15. I'm so glad you've had such good advice here!

    For INR all you need is confirmation (tracking etc) that the item was received and the address it was sent to.

    SNAD you would need further proof such as photos of the item sent and authenticity proof etc.

    I really hope this works out for you! Karma is defintely with you on this one...