Absolutely sick to my stomach. Buyer claims no LV Speedy inside box.

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  1. i sell expensive bags and overseas buyers always ask to mark low price for custom purpose, so far crossing my fingers all of them are "educated" customer, after reading this thread, i'm revising my listing! thank you all tpfer for all the information!
  2. I've just read through this thread - what a nightmare for you. You have been doing all the right things - collecting information, staying in touch with Paypal. The fact that the buyer has been NARU'd means she has somehow run afoul of ebay's rules which is hugely in your favour and may result in a quicker resolution. The waiting part is hard but it really does look good for you.
  3. Edna- I hope that everything works out for you!!! It's horrible how you can't trust people at all. It's good that you have provided them with all of the information, and what she did to the other seller. It doesn't seem like you would lose the dispute,since you have so much proof! Good Luck! :hugs: and your avatar is sooo cute
  4. This is just awful. I sell on eBay and honestly, I hold my breath until I get feedback. I am so afraid of this very thing happening to me. Please keep us updated.
  5. Edna: OMG...I had almost the identical thing happen to me about a year ago. I had a buyer in France who I shipped a pair of Louboutins to. Express mail so I had the weight, customs form, etc. Buyer claims they received an empty box. I was on the phone with Paypal almost everyday. I provided tons of proof that I did ship the shoes. For "empty box" claims, Paypal requires that a buyer file a SNAD, not a INR. To make a long story short, I told Paypal about the weight, the customs form which is an affidavit of the contents, my selling history etc. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they ruled in the buyers favor. I was out all the money (including $40 worth of postage) and the shoes. I fought tooth and nail for them to make the buyer prove SOMETHING- such as a report from Customs, photos of the box (it would be stamped or SOMETHING would be written on it if it were opened), etc. They didn't ask for any proof- they told me that when it's something of little value (an empty box), they don't expect that. I filed a claim for the insurance and contacted IC3. The postal insurance said there was no evidence of tampering or unusual handling of my package and therefore my postal insurance claim was denied. It was so obvious a scam- buyer refused to cooperate with filing a police report/helping with the insurance claim, etc. and Paypal didn't care (of course I brought this up in all the comments).

    However, since she did change it to an INR claim, that is good for you because the tracking shows that she did receive it and that is all that is required for those cases.

    I hope it all works out for you. I was sick for almost 3 weeks while it was all decided. I even tried appealing, with the post office's findings, to no avail.

    No more eBay international shipping for me. Period. :nogood: Talk about an embittering experience...
  6. OMG Speedah, this is unbelievable, Paypal is helping people to scam sellers in every way !!!!

    didn't you try to get in touch with the ombudsman for this paypal case?

    i am really shocked
  7. Thanks again everyone! :flowers: I really cannot wait for this all to be over.

    Speedah - I can't believe that! What a nightmare it must have been for you. Paypal is ridiculous. Here you have someone with a long and perfect history and all this proof and who has spent all this effort working with PP on this, and then they rule in favor of a scammer who can't even find it important enough to provide one piece of proof? That's because she has none, of course! :rant: Can I ask if you had withdrawn the money out of your PP account before they froze the funds when the claim was opened? People have said that their PP account just remains negative if they had no funds in it when they lose in a case like this, and then they just use their husband's account or something.

    And uh oh, I just checked. I guess I thought she changed it to INR because I only opened the e-mail that said the dispute was escalated to a claim and then went straight to Paypal to read her comments and saw she said the item was not received. It's still a SNAD. I didn't know that Paypal makes buyers file as a SNAD for empty box cases. :+/
  8. For this amount, you would have needed signature confirmation to win an INR dispute.
  9. Susa, I tried everything. No one would help. I had one sympathetic lady help me with my appeal but in the end it didn't do anything.

    Edna, I had withdrawn all of the money and my account was negative. I didn't buy or sell anything on eBay for 3 months (saved a ton of money! lol). After about 45 days IIRC Paypal started calling me to resolve the negative balance in my account and I didn't want something stupid like that going to collections.

    I hope since my disaster they have fixed the system as it is clearly, and inherently, flawed. Hopefully since she's NARU'ed that will help and it seems she has a pattern of this. I couldn't find out anything on my buyer.

    Now, just to be a tad safer, I don't do international eBay transactions because of the SNAD protection. I had plenty of great international buyers but a several hundred dollar hit will ruin the whole bunch. I'm an honest seller, I would have never even *thought* of trying to defraud someone in that way. It makes me sick to think that people enjoy doing it and do it as somewhat of a hobby.

    Please keep us updated on how it goes. I really, really hope it turns out in your favor. :hugs:
  10. sorry, but what is SNAD and INR
  11. Significantly Not As Described

    Item Not Recieved
  12. God, I hate liars and cheaters! These people ruin things for so many honest sellers/buyers. I am so afraid to sell on the bay anymore.
  13. I am not an expert either but with paypal the way they are lately I would be scared too. I think you may have made a terrible mistake not insuring the item for the full value. Even though many seller have insurance being optional PAYPAl doesnt agree. As a seller you are obligated to deliver the item or refund the money. Unless you can prove the the buyer is scamming you I think you will be out the money. I am so sorry this happened and hope that I am wrong. I know international customs are alot but most honest inernational buyers know that when they are purchasing. Most of them also prefer to have their items insured for buyer and seller protection.
  14. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Speedah! I did so much googling on this and everyone seems to have different stories when it comes to these Paypal claims and negatibe balances. I swear, I'm done with Paypal once this whole mess is over.

    Jmcadon - You and me both. :+/

    Jrw118 - Yeah, big mistake! Definitely won't be making this mistake anymore, ever. Even so, USPS only gave me an option of insuring up to $650 for this particularl shipment when I checked online. I wonder why they have insurance limits for certain countries.
  15. I just read this entire thread and feel so bad about it, but I have a question which may be a stupid and obvious one. Why is a snad claim easier to defend against a US buyer than an international buyer?? Any buyer can damage the item and claim snad no matter where they are so why does it matter?