Absolutely sick to my stomach. Buyer claims no LV Speedy inside box.

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  1. #46 Jul 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2009
    I really want to thank everyone for their support. I really don't know what I would do without tPF!

    I just received a response from the seller of that Chanel bag.
    Apparently, this buyer also tried to scam her! That seller said that the buyer filed a claim that says the item was not described (bad condition, wrong size). The seller provided all documentation and arguments. The buyer then escalated the claim and paypal reviewed it. After a couple of days, the buyer just backed off and canceled the claim, with the reason that the dispute was amicably settled.

    The seller I contacted thinks that maybe this person is now trying a different angle to scam people since the "item not as described" claim didn't work too well.

    Now, what can I do with this information? She has probably done this so many times! Surely this Chanel bag claim, and possibly others, should be in her Paypal history right?

    ETA: This seller also said she is willing to share any information that might help me. I don't know how Paypal works or if they'd even take into account other people's transactions with the buyer.
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    Well.. maybe you can CALL PP, and tell them that you have spoken w/ Seller XXXX who had also sold to this buyer, give them the ebay item #, and tell them what the seller said about the buyer, etc... and ask them to please REVIEW the buyers other claims for fraudulant claims... maybe??

    DO, tho be careful saying that you "contacted the buyers other sellers", as that is supposedly frowned upon by ebay. Maybe just say that you knew of another seller who sold to this buyer thru a forum that you both belonged to...??
  3. This is insane and upsetting.
    Awhile back, I had a buyer in Canada ask me to claim a low value and as a new seller, I didn't think 2x about it. After reading this, never again.

    Is there away you can call her local police and file a claim for robbery or anything like that?
  4. Wow so sorry this happened to you but i'm glad it worked out in your favour! I hate scammers they ruin things for everyone! i recently got scammed and now I will definetly be more careful with all my transactions! Its just so sad that these people have to ruin it for legit buyers and sellers! :tdown:
  5. Ellie Mae - Hmm, I didn't know about the no-contacting-other-sellers-or-buyers rule! I wouldn't want to do anything that makes me look bad in case it hurts my case. I'm sure this filed claim is in the buyer's paypal history. Perhaps Paypal will take into account that this person has filed at least 2 various claims for big-ticket items in the past month (and was only an ebay user for not more than 2 months). Meanwhile I have a strong history.

    Leeleerae - Yes, it's a shame that you can't trust people nowadays! I will never be de-valuing my items ever again. I don't know about filing a police report. I've never done it for something like this and wouldn't even know the process! Right now, I'm just putting my faith in paypal.

    pro-shopper - Things haven't worked out quite yet, but here's hoping! But it is so sad. I have always had good experiences on ebay with buying and selling, and this has tainted it. As soon as this is resolved, I don't know if I will return to ebay so readily.
  6. actually, i thought the rule was only that you can't contact a seller's buyers (to warn them of a fake, etc.) i don't think you are prohibited from contacting other sellers, especially when the transaction is completed.

    this is a very scary situation edna and i wish you the best of luck. i can't imagine how sellers can protect themselves from these types of claims unless they have ups or whatever shipping company they use to package the item for them. the weight of the package helps but what's to prevent people from claiming that they received a box of rocks?
  7. Edna, this is a scammer at her very best!! She probably doesn't think you know what she has been up to. You need to file a police report and if you can file any kind or report for someone opening up a package via the mail or shipping company and then reporting that the box was empty, this must be some kind of violation.

    I would go after her big time and I woould let paypal know that she has done this before and probably several times over. People that do this have done it before and they just don't think that anyone will go after them But they are wrong!!

    I am sure you work very hard to have the things you do in your life and no body
    has the right to cheat you for any reason and if you let them get away with it,
    what is the message you are sending them?

  8. Hmmm.. wonder if weight of the box at time of shipping VS her claim of empty box would validate mail fraud charges...??

    ANd you may be right, Kicks.. I honestly don't know... just sometimes TMI, KWIM??
  9. Edna I'm so glad you contacted that other seller! What a good idea! Does it make you feel a little better knowing that the buyer backed down from them? I hope they do the same with you, and just back down knowing that they can't prove anything.

    I really hope things get better very very soon!
  10. I'm sorry about this! I hope all works out!

    Follow your instincts next time, and don't ship outside of the US unless you know you are 100% safe in doing so!
  11. It does make me feel better that the buyer backed down last time though! Hopefully she will do the same this time.

    I have called Paypal and informed them of that other seller. The man added this information to the dispute. I also asked about a relative time frame for Paypal investigations since the dispute page says I'd receive a response by August 10th. He told me that they usually estimate the time to the max it may take to investigate. He said "item not received" claims are the worst (way to give me faith, Paypal!) and would probably take the full amount of time.

    I asked about filing a police report and he said that usually police reports are for situations where I have the item in hand (for example, he said if the buyer returns a wrong or damaged item). I also googled this and it seems I will most likely have to file a report with the France police. I tried googling that but mostly the sites are in French!

    So far, I have filed an IC3 report though. Hopefully they will get back to me soon and I can provide that report to Paypal. Tomorrow I am going to check with my local post office about filing a Mail Fraud complaint.

    I'm going to Vegas in 10 days and pray that this matter will be solved by then. This unsolved situation will surely taint my vacation! :mad:
  12. don't give up selling on ebay, just ship within the US only, with full insurance, sig confirmation and tracking, and most scammers won't be able to pull off their schemes this way.

    selling a high end bag international with no insurance just left you wide open to be taken. but the only thing you can do now is stay in touch with paypal and hope for the best. don't let it ruin your trip.

    and i don't think IC3 will get back to you. You just send them the report, but they don't have the manpower to respond individually.

    good luck!
  13. I would continue to pursue this and hopefully with all the information

    and her past history, this will catch up with her and you will get your money back.
  14. No real updates yet. Still waiting for Paypal to review the case. I called them again yesterday morning with some questions about this whole process. All I can pretty much do now is wait because my case is in queue to be reviewed. But I did upload a copy of the IC3 form (Paypal rep said that was a good idea). I also contacted the other ebay seller again and she agreed to let me screencap her messages and upload them as images to the Paypal claim as further proof that this is a repeat scammer.

    At this point, I think I've done as much as I can do to prove my case! Just waiting now. I feel a lot better than I have in the past 2 days though. I've got my appetite back! :yes:
  15. Good luck with everything Edna!!