Absolutely sick to my stomach. Buyer claims no LV Speedy inside box.

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  1. Thanks Edna and lovelygarments, you're both so sweet :smile:

    and now, bad for me, I do understand why a lot of US sellers are not willing to ship outside the US
  2. How awful! I feel so bad for you. What will the scammers think of next? Have faith, it will work out for you. Can you tell us the buyers ebay id so we all can block her?
  3. I have shipped outside of the US before with no problems, but it is definitely a risk!

    Bags4Me2 - Sure. Her ebay id is cendrines39.

    UPDATE: Now her ebay username says she is no longer a registered user! Does anyone know how I can update the Paypal claim to officially reflect this? I'm going to call Paypal again right now though.
  4. Maybe Ebay booted her - (possibly a repeat offender?)- you could be safe if that's the case!
  5. ^^ I think the NARU looks like it would be in your favor.

    Here's her recent activity and she's had ALOT, especially considering she only has a feedback score of 5. I see she has purchased another handbag (a Chanel on 6/23) recently. And I see no feedback in the Chanel seller's about it. Just wondering if they pulled a scam on them, too? It wouldn't hurt to contact that seller and inquire.

  6. Thanks, pigalle74 and camommyof3! That info is helpful! I am contacting the seller of that Chanel now to see if she has any information about the buyer.

    I contacted paypal and they said they would update the information to reflect that she is no longer a registered user. But the man also told me that it won't really make a difference because ebay might suspend a user's account for a number of reasons that might not have to do with the claim.
  7. I don't care what the Paypal rep said - I think that is wonderful news - the fact that she is a NARU'd Ebay member. I think that Ebay has caught up with this scamming jerk. Let us know what the Chanel bag seller says - I bet the same thing has happened to her. This is sounding a lot more hopeful at this point!!!!
  8. am so sorry for you hope it gets resolved soon:sad:
  9. I just read this whole thread and I am SO sorry to hear this happened to you! Did you send the receipt with the bag when she bought it? I would tell PayPal that you indeed shipped the bag (as you have) and tell them that you have a receipt to prove that you actually had this bag in your possession and that you purchased it from LV (if that's where you got it). I think it might put the case in your favor a little bit too, showing that you spent that amount of money on a bag, and you obviously care about designer items. It might not be much, and might sound silly, but at least it's some record of you actually owning the bag.

    I am SO sorry this happened to you. You must be going through so much, and I wish I could help! Your feedback and selling history is good and I hope that PayPal looks at that too.
  10. lovelygarments - Yep, I am holding onto hope that everything is going to work out okay!

    DottySarah- Thank you!

    AECornell - Thanks for your input! I actually purchased the bag on ebay myself. I think I have provided them with all information I can at this point. It's in Paypal's hands now. I, too, hope they will look at my ebay buying/selling history and even my Paypal history of receiving payments and see I am not the liar!
  11. This is awful, and l hope you get good news soon....if she is NARU'ed, does her claim still count anyone ???
    Also l remember the thread, about the empty box, and the buyer would have lost out, lucky the seller find the item, and sent it on....Good Luck :P
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    Wow, the nerve it looks like Ebay caught up with her. I hope it gets resolved in your favor.

  13. After reading this thread, this is so upsetting to all of us here at TPF.

    I certainly hope that ebay catches up with her and if you can go after her

    to show her "scamming" pattern , go for it!!
  14. If I recall, PP makes US buyers jump through hoops when they claim they got an empty box. They make the buyer file a police report, etc. Not sure how it works on International sales.

    Other sellers: never, ever fudge customs form. never ever.