Absolutely sick to my stomach. Buyer claims no LV Speedy inside box.

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  1. Thank you for your suggestion, joce_donald. This is the response I'm sending to Paypal in regards to the claim:

    I absolutely shipped the bag. This can be verified by the weight of the shipped package (2 lbs, 7 oz). I also have all Ebay correspondence, including one of the buyer asking me to mark the item as a gift valued at $35 so she could avoid customs fees. My instincts told me not to do this, but I did anyway. I also have customs forms, express mail forms, and the USPS receipt that verifies the weight of the package. It is clear that I did not ship an empty box. I can provide copies (printed or scanned) of these forms. Also, more importantly, why did the buyer first file a dispute of the item being “significantly not as described”, and then after only 7 minutes she changed it to “item not received”? I also have a long history of buying and selling expensive items on Ebay with no problems whatsoever, including a bag I sold a week before for $1250. Also, the box I shipped the bag in was a box from the USPS store. I can repurchase the same exact box and verify that the box does not weigh 2 lb and 7 oz. I translated the French portion of the buyer’s claim and she claims to have emailed me about this issue and claims I did not respond, and that is not true. I received no such e-mail. I can provide any and all messages received from the buyer. I also packaged and taped the box securely with shipping tape and did not poorly glue it, as she claims. The post office would not accept such a poorly packaged box anyway.
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    Also, are you currently selling any other items? I suggest you end them all. Because if the items sold, Paypal will hold your money until the dispute case closed. What I have been witnessed, most of the time the Paypal will side with buyers. With fund available, they will refund back to buyers. In the worst scenerio that you lose the claim, just close the account and open the new one.

    I just hate those scammers trying to steal other's hard-earning money. Even a penny, don't let them get away with it.
  3. I did just sell a pair of Tory Burch flats yesterday that I have not received payment for. I am going to email the buyer right now and explain this to her. Thank you! I did not even think of that.
  4. Did you get some sort of online viewable signature confirmation? If so, and if the buyer changed the claim to INR, enter the tracking number in the claim.
  5. I agree with what Faithful says here. Doesn't paypal just close the claim if tracking shows the buyer received something?

    I remember a recent thread where a tPF member received an empty box and Paypal would not refund her money because the tracking information from the seller showed that a package was delivered, so even though it was an empty box, the buyer was SOL. Does anyone remember the thread I'm talking about? I can't seem to find it...
  6. Did you send the email to Paypal yet? The explaination looks good to me except the part of lowering the declare value and mark it as gift. Your way of doing is illegal. And you don't want to say anything might against you and make you look bad. I would not disclose it in the email.
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    Hello Edna, sorry to read about this scammer, your response to paypal is very good and hits the point: The weight !!!
    The girl wrote that she received an empty box, she did not say that is was a box filled with stuff like old newspapers etc. in. THEREFORE you can prove that you have sent the bag, because an empty box is much lighter than the weight USPS stated on your receipts.

    So it is not only obvious for us, but also for PP, that the buyer is a real scammer and only tries to rip you off, besides, who knows, maybe she has already a history with Paypal ................

    Please try to cool down, the case does look good for you, you can prove that you sent the bag (and your dear hubby was watching you , when you packed the box , rite ;))

    In any way, phone paypal and talk to them and explain everything, they might tell you a bit more on the phone

    no way that customs in France seized the bag without telling her, without putting any stickers on the parcel..........never ever

    Good luck, keep my fingers crossed
  8. denimbarks - I don't have any viewable online signature, but I did provide Paypal with the tracking number when I first shipped the bag. But I will revise my response to include that again.

    GreatBagHoney - Currently, the tracking hasn't been updated to show the buyer received the bag. (USPS website tracking is so slow!) I'm going to do a forum serach and see if I can find the thread that you mentioned.

    joce_donald - I haven't sent it yet. I did not think about that being illegal. But I will remove it now!

    susa - Thank you for your response! It was very reassuring! Exactly what I was thinking though: customs would not just take a bag without contacting me or the buyer and indicating a reason why they seized it.
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    this is for sure, Edna, since I am living in europe and know people working at the customs office: Customs does not have the right to remove an item without telling the recipient !!
    The normal way it works is like this: The recipient has to come to the customs office to open the package in front of them, if customs think that it might be a fake, they will send the bag to louis vuitton to have it authenticated, this could take up till 6 weeks.
    The buyer gets written confirmation of customs, that the bag is sent to louis vuitton for being authenticated, even if the buyer is present in the office. of course customs has to stick to the law !!!

    but customs in France is very easy, all the parcels of a friend living in France went through customs easily , never ever she had to pay taxes, whilst in Germany customs is very hard , unfortunately

    and, the customs fees in france, if applicable would be 23% of the value, so no way that 600 $ would be the fee, like the buyer said before in one of her emails.

    I am quite seriously watching LV Handbags on Ebay for sale in Europe, and watercolor speedies are not that rare, even brown watercolor you get over her, and mostly sold below the shop price, so why should someone buy in the US and pay higher shipping fees, if available in Europe ?

    Because someone has the clear intention to scam an honest seller who takes Paypal !!! this is the one and only point !!

    (here in Europe paypal is not so common like in the US, till now Ebay has not yet forced the seller to take paypal as a payment method, (not yet) and paypal has a very bad reputation for sellers here , so a lot of sellers do everything to just AVOID Paypal and prefer to limit themselves in potential customers and prefer to sell cheaper )

    Excuse my english, it is not my mother tongue
  10. Thanks again, susa, for that customs information! I knew customs fees couldn't have been that high. This just makes me so angry though. How can someone with such good tastes in handbags have such evil intentions. I could never rip someone off for a penny, let alone $1535. I really don't know how some people sleep at night.

    I sent the updated (erased the bit about the $35 declared value) response to the Paypal claim. I also included scans of the receipt, customs form, and Express mail label. I just got off the phone with Paypal. I explained everything to them and they said it is still early and they still have to review everything. He said that I did provide a lot of information and my scans clearly slow I shipped the bag though. He explained that after they review everything, they may or may not need to request more information from me or the buyer. They will be in contact after reviewing everything.

    I definitely will keep everyone updated with any news.
  11. Good point, Susa! And your English is very, very good. :smile:
  12. I'm sorry you're going through this! I hope the scammer doesn't get away with her lies. Make sure you update us. Your proof seems legitimate but next time don't de-value an item for anyone, ever. And don't trust anyone. People are nuts.
  13. Agreed! :biggrin:
  14. keeping my fingers crossed for you
    i am currently too in a paypal claim, item not received, and i absolutely feel what you're going through.

    keep us updated!
  15. olialm1 - Thank you! Yes, trust me, I have learned my lesson! I will never be shipping anything uninsured and de-valued ever again. I didn't even think of it as being illegal, and that is making me sick to my stomach, as well. Nevermind how risky it is for the seller!

    writtenstars - Thank you, and I'm keeping mine crossed for you! I'm sure you know how much of a headache this is! I was having a good day and now it has been ruined!