Absolutely Nothing Hit Me Today

  1. I went, I saw, I sighed. I ended up sitting in a plush chair at the back of the store pining away for the legacies stuck in the back, sadly looking for homes. I kept them company. I wanted to take the Ali signature home with me and knew I had no coupon and no money today. Even the new Zoe two tone did not call to me. The optic white and blue is just cute. I saw the ergo in Bloomingdales and even that did not phase me a bit. Yes, indeed it is the end of the world, but only for today. I think truthfully, some of the older styles I see in the mall or Starbucks are the nicest. What do you guys think?
  2. starbucks?
  3. i kinda agree. i think this time around, accessories have me buzzing. however, there's always anticipation for new stuff though (in a month or so).
  4. I feel the same way too. Waiting for the next wave of new stuff.
  5. Thank goodness I'm not too in love with anything from the new catalog. The only thing I really want is the ergo large hobo in camel. (and the Maude of course, but that one won't be happening).
  6. :yes: There is absolutely nothing in the Coach Boutiques that I am interested in
    except for the Ergo Line. I went in to my boutique today and ehh nothing grabbed me at all. I will probably only buy the Ergo Large Hobo in white.
    The Ergo Hobo and the Ergo Cross Body bags are the only bags I am considering. If I get a PCE card I will buy them both.
  7. there's an Ergo cross-body?? I didn't see this one. is it hidden away on coach's website?
  8. Yes it is true..Starbucks girls. I live in a very affluent area of South Florida, although I am not among the affluent. I am formerly from New England and lived on a farm. I did not know what I was missing. I bought one bag a year or every two years. But, I am here now and I simply love Coach bags in particular, but I do confess to owning a Tylie Malibu and a Gucci tote. that I got as a birthday present. So, If I sit in the busiest Starbucks waiting for the mall to open, I can pretty much see what everyone is carrying. LV seems to rank first, closely followed by huge Gucci's, and Coach following closely in third place in signature of every type, everywhere you look. I wonder if it is becoming too commonplace? I do try to buy limited editions and then I do not see myself coming and going in all age groups. I would guess that is why the prices have increased so much this year. And as a bonus for that bag watching.. you can get good coffee too...lol...
  9. Nope, I havent really seen anything thats grabbing me either. I went to the boutique the other day with cash in hand looking for a new bag, the sky was the limit. Didnt see anything. I happened to make a comment to the SA that I had been hunting the patent gallery ever since Christmas and she "just happened to have one in the back". So..... I walked away with an "older" bag but happy as could be :yahoo:
  10. It's in the red look-book at the boutique. Think Legacy Hippie but in an Ergo style.
  11. Every Coach Boutique has a red binder called a Look Book.
    There is a picture of the Ergo Cross Body in there. The style
    number is No. 10746 and it retails for $278. It comes in black,
    white and camel. The measurements are 13" wide x 13" high and
    the depth is 2 1/2". It is really Cool looking and I plan on purchasing
  12. .....hmmmm, now i'm intrigued.... i'll check out the red book this weekend for the cross-body. BTW, Liz I saw your ergo turquoise tote and it's very pretty!
  13. i'm feeling very much the same as some...as in there really is not a lot wowing me this season.......except for maybe an accessory or two
    perhaps a charm......otherwise, i'm actually a bit disapointed
    heres hoping for something more for summer........in perhaps PINK!!!!:yes:
  14. Feeling the same. I just couldn't get very excited about all the canvas. I am a leather girl. The Ergos are pretty, but it's like, not love. Sigh. Waiting for the next catalogue, or maybe the next, to fall in love again.

    In the meantime, I've been haunting the two outlets near me for some of the older stuff.
  15. ditto all the way around. i do like the ergo tote.... but dissapointing at the store, felt like i was missing something...