Absolutely loving my new small MP!!!

  1. I have been carrying my new maroon small MP now for 2 days - I have to say this is literally the ONLY bag (and I've had a LOT of bags...) I found yet that stays on my shoulder without having to adjust it over & over again. Maybe it's my shoulders or something but I always have that problem. I park approx 4 blocks away from work. Never have I made it before without having to readjust a shoulder bag a few times. 2 days in a row - no problem - not once.

    So - this is my new favorite bag! I got a spearmint as well & now I want one in every color!! Have I said I love this bag??
  2. congrats:yahoo::yahoo::woohoo:
  3. So glad to hear! Congrats on finding the perfect bag. Will you post some modeling pics please? That way we can all see if we would love the small MP!;)
  4. Defitely will do - i'll try to get some tonight:smile:
  5. Yeah! congrats!
  6. I have a small black mp and can't get used to it! I had a lg mp that I sold on eBay because it was too big and now I can't decide if the small is too small! Were you ever this undecided??:confused1:Or did you love the small mp from the start?:nuts:
  7. I love the small MP no question. I try to travel light - usually need room for my small planner, coin purse, sometimes wallet sometimes not, keys, lipgloss, cough - cigarettes,
    gum and that's about it. It all fits with room to spare! I do have a much larger tote for those days I need to carry more, but for the most part this size works well for me.
    That stinks you are undecided about it! I hate when I'm not sure or blah about a bag. Too bad there's no medium.
  8. A medium Mp would be divine!! I have the ZC in black and had expected to use it with the small mp but once you put that in there you have used up quite a bit of space!!Never fear I will have to get use to it!! I know I really love it I am just fickle!!:nuts:
  9. Uh oh - ZC is next on my list! wallet & seperate coin purse would be eliminated though.... Hope it doesn't end up more smushy!
  10. I love how the Multipocket sits on my shoulder too! I never need to readjust it or worry about it slipping off (unlike some of my other bags). I can't wait to see pics! Congrats!!
  11. Awww! Congrats!!!Can't wait for the pics too!!...and I totally agree..she's a great bag & doesn't slip!!!!! Enjoy!
  12. Thx Melly & Emmy:smile: I guess you never really know just how annoying the adjusting - however little - is until you don't have to do it at all!
  13. After hearing all of this I will give mine a try again!!
  14. Congrats! Post pics, would love to see you wearing it!!
  15. :lol: One in every color eh?!?!? I am sure there will be more brand new small MPs in other colors listed on eBay in the next month or two... ;)

    Take a photo and post so we can see you show it off!! Glad you are happy with your bag!! :love: :yahoo: