Absolutely livid re: destruction of Swift

  1. Okay, I have just found one of my swift items totally and utterly scratched and scored (to the point that some bits are pushed into little ridges).

    I'm willing to take any advice you ladies might have to attempt and fix it.I have already tried massaging it and while this has helped with some of the damage, I fear that it may be totally unsavageable.

    Do you think I should give it in for refurbishment?
  2. Yikes!!! How did that happen? Yes... urgent spa treatment!
  3. Where was it? Looks awful! You must take it in ASAP!
  4. Take it in. You'd be surprised what wonders they can do on this leather.

    BTW, that looked like my Barenia last night.
  5. ARGH! you must take it in! That does not look good!

    HG stop reminding me! i'm tryng to forget it ever happened. lol.
  6. It was on the sofa for a couple of days since I haven't gone out much.

    I think boyfriend and his bloody backpack happened. He might even have carried it rubbing against my stiletoes last time we went out and I ended up in my flat shoes, carrying the high heels. He is notorious for pulling stupid stunts like that and saying "NO, I didn't do it".

    I'm just :hysteric::cursing::crybaby::sick:
  7. No worries, I am sure the Spa can fix everything! It will be as good as new!
  8. To the spa...onward...to the spa...
  9. Sorry to hear this. Definitely take it in and see what they can do. I hope it can help.
  10. oh :wtf: NOOOOOOO!!!! I'm so sorry!!!! take it to the spa!!! I really hope they'll be able to fix it for you. I wouldn't apply any product at all and I would take it straight away to the spa.:cursing: :cursing: Oh, I can so much understand how you feel! And let us know what they say.
  11. What is it? A Kelly?

    I'm so sorry - RUN to the SPA!
  12. to the spa IMMEDIATELY! i'm sorry perja, it'll be fine!
  13. oh no!

    spa spa spa
  14. omg!!! please take her out of her misery.. to the spa now!!
  15. Alright. It'll be spa on Tuesday as traditional French "Maison" Hermès is closed for Easter Monday. Thanks for the support, ladies. I will try to restrain myself from rubbing it too seriously until then, I don't want to do anything that I'll come to regret later on.

    At least we'll have before and after pictures for that, won't we. :nuts: