1. :love::love:
  2. WOWSER!!!

    They look amazing :biggrin:

    So what if you cannot walk, when they look this good, just totter ;)
  3. Gorgeous! Only time I have trouble walking in very high heels is when I have to walk downhill, lol.
  4. I'm not too crazy about the first pair but I love the second pair. I do have some BCBG heels that are pretty high but they don't really bother me. If you love them, go for it!
  5. lol yer sexy shoes! just shuffle along the floor hehe OR get to drunk to care ha!
  6. WOW! Those are some amazing heels and shoes! I'd def. wear them, I'd just be a little more careful walking in them! I have a pair that are pretty high and I try to balance myself while wearing them;)
  7. Holy cow those are high !

    You're far braver (and more balanced !) than I. ;)
  8. don't worry, i LIVE in heels that high :lol:. it's really not difficult standing and walking in them. i can run in my heels, so that's saying something:wlae:

    i think they're very pretty!
  9. Very hot. And very much "ankle breakers", especially for city walking where a heel that tiny will easily catch in the sidewalk cracks. :wtf:
  10. Mmmmm - I would LOVE to live in heels this high! What is your secret?

  11. I am just mastering the 4" heel!
  12. Troll
  13. What can I say? I LOVE the second pair.
    No I don't have anything that high and I can't imagine trying to walk in them but I'd buy them for their artistic value alone:yes:

    How much are they?
  14. oooh I love those shoes esp the second pair!
    My highest heels are my 5 inch Dolce and Gabbana..I say go for it!
    I can absolutely walk/ run in my heels! :P