Absolutely Delightful Story about Judith Leiber from WSJournal

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  1. Thank you so much for this BPS :flowers:

    Hearing JL speak makes me like her bags even more. She's seems so down to earth and speaks plainly. I have 2 'older' styles but I would never sell them, not even to the museum :P I love JL and her bags and would love to visit the museuem sometime.

    When I was a kid, taken to Harvey Nics in London, I thought how gorgeous her bags were, and then how expensive. Now that handbag prices have gone up so much in general, in comparison her bags are not bad value. The designs that women choose are so personal to them and they have them forever. Power to JL :yahoo:
  2. I'd love to see some of her bags in real life. (I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere where the hottest department store is Sears.) I've always associated her non-glittery bags with older celebrities, first ladies, and aging female diplomats. I'd love to see the bag she designed for Mame Eisenhower. :smile:
  3. Thanks for the link! I didn't realize she doesn't still design for the company. It'd be fun to go to the museum one day.
  4. Wonderful article. Thanks for sharing it.

    I thought she was still involved in the designs. They still show her artistic "mark", though.