Absolute SHOCK right now..our justice system at it's finest...

  1. I've never spoken about this before... Last year, we found out one of our employees had been embezzling money from our company. By the time it was discovered, she had stole about 100 thousand dollars. She was a "higher up" who had access to funds & the ability to sign checks..this is why it wasn't caught for so long. It was a little here & a little there so no red flags immediately went up.

    Well, once she was discovered, she ADMITTED to several people that she did it. Moreso, we have copies of cancelled checks from our company where she paid her mortgage, credit cards & personal loans!!!:wtf:

    My DH & the other execs were nice enough to give her a "get out of jail free" card & told her that if she paid the money back, they would not file charges against her. Initially she agreed but then backed out & refused to cooperate. There was so much slam dunk evidence against her, the county prosecuting attorney's office picked up the case lightening quick. Now, this past week, the case went to trial. Her lawyer (a TOTAL slimeball..) managed to confuse the jury enough, throwing out investment lingo left & right (enough to confuse anyone NOT in the financial business..) that today they came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict. They couldn't determine what she did was illegal or not. Hello!?, 4 people testified that she confessed to doing it PLUS over 50, yes 50, company checks endorsed by her for deposit into a "secret" personal bank account to pay her bills! I'm so sick to my stomach right now... This woman is walking away scott free with 100k of our money. Our justice system at it's finest :smash: Yet another criminal gets to walk free...Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. You're not just going to let this go are you? I would file an appeal or try to fight it in civil court, (there might be a max $$ you can get returned) Good luck and don't worry, justice eventually will prevail...
  3. ^ Yes, the attorney has already suggested we filed a civil suit but even if we win, we'll never see the money. She doesn't have anything to pay us back..Obviously since she had to steal $$ from us to pay her bills.

    I'm a firm believer in karma & hope it's a b*tch to this b*itch.

    What's even worse is that she is on a FRAUD committee for certain financial institutions in the city. Now that she has technically been found not guilty, she will remain on this committee. How freakin ironic.

  4. At least in the civil suit (when you win) you could have money taken from any earnings she ever does have. Even though OJ may never give the Goldman's the 30 million they won, they still get whatever he makes.
  5. ^ The verdict came in just 2 hours ago & that's when my DH emailed me & told me the news. I hope once disbelief wears off, everyone will be able to decide how to proceed. I do hope she is pursued in civil court..We are partially owned by an investment company so there are board members & others that need to be advised of the situation.
  6. I would file because when you win it will be like a noose around her neck! Even if she doesn't have any money now she will NEVER see another tax return, buy a home, car....whatever! I would DO IT!!! F@(%&&#ing W*)$re!
  7. Sue her in civil court. At least there will be a judgment against her, and the court will garnish wages. Also, the burden of proof in civil cases is less -- in civil cases it is preponderance of the evidence and in criminal cases it is beyond a reasonable doubt. That is why OJ was guilty in civil court but not in criminal court. I would also appeal it. If the court of appeals finds that the jury was irrational, they will reverse the jury verdict.
  8. Well, apparently she's expecting a civil suit because she already told some people at the courthouse that she will file bankruptcy if a civil judgement is placed against her.

    I'm raging right now...
  9. acegirl, that is CRAZY. I'm first of all sorry that it happened to your company, but also sorry that the justice system did not pull through for you. I'm always baffled when people like that are let off! If you can pursue it again, and get it on her record through a civil conviction, it might be worth proceeding... she's going to be looking for new jobs and this needs to be on her official record!

    Just saw your above post... but even if she files bankruptcy and if you don't get your $ back, which is awful, it is going to tarnish her image forever by being found guilty.
  10. An administrative assistant in a company I used to work for stole $250,000. As far as I know, she was never prosecuted, though she did return some of the money. It's odd how companies can nit pick over the smallest things, but don't have the procedures in place to stop these kinds of large thefts.
  11. You're right.. I just want there to be a record of this. She is continuing to work in the same circles & people might never know she did this!

    My DH has spoken with the board of directors & they are concerned about the additional cost of a civil lawsuit (i.e. will it be worth continuing this..)

    She has 100k of our money, we spend another 75-100k for a civil lawsuit. We win but she files bankruptcy so we are now out 200+K. It's a double edged sword & it's so freakin unfair!
  12. Do it. Do it just because you are standing up for what's right and to show that you won't let her get away.
  13. I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope it all works out in the end. I would file a civil suit or appeal. I cannot believe a jury would be that dumb/naive. Good luck.
  14. So sorry to hear about this!!! I believe in karma too. What comes around goes around. She'll get hers... Hope everything works out for you!
  15. I may be wrong, but isn't it true that filing bankruptcy does not have any effect on judgments? Regardless, the bankruptcy laws are MUCH more strict now and I doubt she'd get that wiped out. Either way, it's a matter of principal. Definitely file a civil suit against her.