Absolute Favorite LV

  1. Hi ladies.
    What is your absolute favorite bag you always reach for and never regretted. Would also love to see pictures.
  2. the Twice in emperiente noir is my fav bag.
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  3. Bloomsbury
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  4. Too hard to pick .... I have too many favorite bags ....
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  5. The classic noe or the noe in the bb size.
  6. Speedy b and right now my Ponthieu pm.
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  7. I love my noe too!! Using it right now.
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  8. It’s so fabulous!
  9. I have a delightful MM, Melie, favorite, and Retiro. I’m looking for an everyday bag I can carry and use crossbody (I have 4 kiddos) with a zipper.
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  10. Speedy b
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  11. Does it have to be LV? I love the nylon longchamp bags for moms.
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  12. No. Is there a particular style longchamp?
  13. This is a hard one. OM Pochette accessory in monogram is a favorite but I also love my mono and DE speedy b 35's, Neverfull GM/MM and Palermo GM. Crap, its hard to just pick one and dont even get me started on my slg's which I absolutely love. Maybe I have a problem lol!!
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  14. I’m really thinking about a speedy
  15. Alma BB
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