Absolute 100% confirmation on miroir lockit

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  1. SA just called, 100% confirmation on miroir lockit, Michelle1025 probably just got a call too, since we have the same SA! Just wanted to pass it on.
  2. Wooo Hooo. Thanks for the update Tink!
  3. *sigh* my SA is soooo slow on everything...lol but thanks for the info :yes:
  4. Huuurray!
  5. I'm going to call tomorrow and try to get on the waiting list. Any idea how many will be produced? I hope more than the speedy.
  6. Yay.
  7. Finally a confirmation!!
  8. Anyone know the price?
  9. Yay! The last time I talked to my SA she told me I'm first on the waitlist for a silver, but now I think I'm going to call and ask to be waitlisted for the gold too! LOL I'm so greedy. Thanks for the info!
  10. yay!
  11. yay. im curious as to what the price will be.
  12. I sure did! She called me earlier today, she said I've been on the waitlist since Jan! LOL. I was sad to hear that she was going to be out for a while, that means I will have to wait to buy my next bag. Darn! :push:

    Also, she told me someone emailed the shoe mgr the Miroir Lockit picture from Karen Kooper. I'm very interested to know who that was! Hehe.
  13. Just to add, it was only confirmed, they do not know pricing or when it will launch but sources say summer. We all know sometimes launch dates get pushed back, so it could be for F/W again.
  14. YES!!! I'm officially on a BAG ban now until the Lockit comes out!!!

    I'm so excited!!!
  15. Anyone knows whether it is the standard size lockit, not the vertical or supersized?? thanks!