Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (a reveal)!

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  1. It's been a while since I've done a reveal of any kind, and even longer since I've bought a Celine. In fact, I had sold every one of my Celine bags except for my Trio and a bi-color pouch! Lately, I'd been missing my Luggage and Phantom bags, wishing I had hung on to at least one of them (my Camel Mini is probably the most painful to think about, altho its sale did help me land my HG which I will never, ever regret (a Cobalt SC!))

    A few weeks back, there was chatter in the TJMaxx thread because there had been several Celine sightings. I mentioned that I'd hoped to find a Celine at my store, and that I'd be happy with a Trio even tho I already had one. Next day, I stepped into TJMaxx and look what came home with me!
  2. Yup! Its an Oversized Trio in Bottle Green!
    I'd been wanting one of these ever since they were first released. I'd seen one at Barneys, but it was gone before I knew it, and I haven't seen another one for sale in a long, long time. I gave up, and was content with my Regular Trio. When I found this at TJs there was no question whether or not I'd get it! I love the color - a nice departure from the blues I usually seem to end up with! Its already loaded it up and been put to use!

  3. There is one change/difference from the original Trio I don't like. I always kept the zippers of my Trio going in opposite directions - the front & back opened right to left, the middle opened left to right. This way, when the zippers are zipped you don't have this "lump" of zippers at one end. Well, they've changed the pouches (or more specifically, the snaps) and you can no longer attach the bags anyway you want - the snaps fit a certain way, so you have to have the zippers the same way! Heres a pic of the Oversized and my original Trio - see what I mean?

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    As I said, I'd been missing my Luggage and Phantom bags for a while. So much so that I had made up my mind that when I got my tax return, I was going to buy a new one. I was at Nordstroms a few weeks ago and my SA pulled a Taupe Phantom from the bag and I was so excited, until it saw the leather - and the price! I am not a fan of the new leather, and I most definitely don't like it at this new price point! Give me original leather, and I'll gladly pay the higher priced - the older bags have much better leather, IMO, and are absolutely worth the higher prices. But this new textured leather that I can't even describe - yuck! Not a fan.

    I knew I could look elsewhere, but I decided I would look for a gently used (or even possibly new!) I started to scour the resale sites, and came *this* close to scoring my dream Phantom - a slate blue one! - but a slow server and a discount code kept me from getting it (even tho I was charged and received an order confirmation! But that's a story for another time!) I was more determined than ever to find a bag I really wanted

    During my search, I learned about Natural Calfskin. Read everything I could about it. It sounded promising. Well, persistence paid off, and look what arrived yesterday!

  5. OMG! I love this bag! The leather is just incredible and the color is unlike anything in my collection! The suede leather lining - love! I'm so glad this all worked out the way that it did! I loved my Green Suede Phantom, and still wish I'd hung onto it, but this one is even more amazing and I love it even more!

  6. Modeling pics

  7. Gorgeous everything & love the elegant colours! The green reminds me of H's malachite green & the brown, barenia. Very elegant. Major congrats!!
  8. I've kept my eye on Celine. I've been watching the Blade and really thought that might be one of my next bags, but it always seemed like something got in the way and it would be put off. And now I hear that there's a Mini Trapeze! I've got to check those out! I don't have to have the collection I used to have - I'm keeping a smaller collection nowadays cuz I just don't need so many bags! - but I have a feeling my closet will see more Celine very soon! Thanks for letting me share!
  9. Wow lady, i love the green trio. Congrats on both scores.
  10. Congrats on the trio. We are bag twins. :)
  11. Congratulations!! Absolutely loving the Natural Calf phantom in that colour! xx
  12. two gorgeous reveals! Welcome back to celine!
  13. it looks so great on you!!
  14. Congrats on the amazing Trio find!! Maybe I'll be lucky one day to find a Celine in a TJMaxx too....:search:
  15. I love the Bottle Green! :biggrin: Congrats on two great bags :smile: