Abro Bags

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  1. I just saw a GORGEOUS bag in a store. Baby Blue leather, roomy, nicely lined interior... It was love at first sight.:heart: It had been marked down to $60 from $320, but I didn't have enough with me at the time to get it, so I'm going back tomorrow. Before I do though, does anyone know anything about Abro handbags? (that was the label) I'd never heard of them, and any information would be helpful. Their website is http://www.abro.de
  2. I own a beautiful royal blue handbag made by them. They are made in Germany and are really great quality w/decent price tags. You can't go wrong with that price point!
    I say go back for it!
  3. JNH14, I'm quite taken with your bag! Abro seems to be a well-kept secret until now. I'm going shopping.:yes:
  4. Thanks, I was very surprised to find it at TJMaxx-it was marked down to $108...:rolleyes:
  5. thanks for the help! I'd love to hear from anyone else with an abro bag as well!
  6. Where can you buy Abro in the US and canada?
  7. I see Abro bags at Marshalls and TJMaxx alot in my area - they are nice leather, but always pretty beat up frojm being out on the hook for a while. Great price on your bag - pretty blue!
  8. Abro is a German company that makes high quality bags (leather as well as nylon) in colour and shape often based on the season's "It bags" from Marc Jacobs, Chloé etc. I had a small shoulder bag a couple of years ago in a warm yellow.
    They don't look like rip offs however, they are very beautiful bags in their own right.
    Here's their website:


    I just noticed the link to their product page isn't working maybe they're working on it?

    Regina :smile:
  9. I just found an adorable, funky, wedgewood blue colored large bag by Abro at TjMaxx for $130. I'd never heard of them before (first time I'd seen them at my TjMaxx) but I knew it was a great deal -- beautifully constructed, nice leather.

    Anyone know where to find these bags regularly? I went to their site www.abro.de and I'm in LOVE! Since they are showing up at TjMaxx there must be a local original source -- Nordstrom, Macy's or something???
  10. wow, they're beautiful! thanks
  11. I think Lori's shoes (there's a website) sells some but the best ones I've seen are at TJ's. Post a pic of the one you got!!! :smile:
  12. Cool! I've seen them from time to time at Marshall's......very nice.
  13. I was just at Marshall's and they just a got a big shipment of bags, including Abro.
  14. I found this buttery soft gorgeous bag at TJ max today and thought I'd put it up..It was $170 but since TJ Max and marshalls always sell for way less I'm thinking this was a $500 bag! what a steal!!:tup:
    Abro bag.jpg IMG_0298.JPG IMG_0299.JPG
  15. ^It's beautiful, FashionAddict! What a fantastic score!