Abreva - Handbag giveaway

  1. Ok, I'll admit it... I get cold sores every now and then, esp. when I'm stressed. So, I went to Abreva's website to request a free sample, and saw a link to a 2nd site, www.hottipsfromtina.com. You can enter to win a different designer handbag every month. This month it's a Dolce & Gabanna, and I think last month it was a Chloe. Plus, you can vote on which bag you want them to giveaway each month, and they'll email you whenever they have a new bag contest.

    I probably shouldn't tell everyone at TPF about it, because it'll just up my competition :shame: but I figure that if I don't win, at least some other deserving bag lover might!
  2. Aw tha's sweet of you!