About Whiskey Paddington

  1. Today I saw this girl carrying (unsure whether that was an orange or whiskey) Paddy and I instantly fell in love with it...

    Just trying to educate myself about this particular colour, is it true that it's been discontinued?
    If so, what year/season was it produced?

    If anyone spots one in the regular Paddy, please keep an eye for me :p

  2. Yeah, the whiskey color is no longer being produced for the med paddy satchel.

    There have been a few authentic ones on eBay though. I'll keep my eye open for you!
  3. My whiskey was originally purchased in Dec 2005 from NAP.

    (I believe) It's from the S/S 06 season. Really smooshy leather...and a truly beautiful colour.:heart: They don't make them like that anymore!
    (<---See my avatar)

    There are a few ladies here who own whiskey paddies, and i have seen one or two orange paddies along the way.:yes:
    I believe the main difference is that the whiskey has more brown undertones, which the orange doesn't have.

    The last time i saw a whiskey for sale online (new) was around the middle of last year, i think, but as hmwe says, they can still be found on eBay, if you hunt around.;)

    I'll keep an eye out too....check back on the chloe shopping forum, if there are any whiskey paddies to be had, i will post them there.:heart:
  4. OT: Hehe, I love how your arrow to the avatar was spot on.
  5. OT - lol, i didn't even notice that!!:roflmfao:
  6. I knowww!!! :roflmfao: how cool is that!!!

    Thanks Chicky and Hmwe :p *deeply appreciated

    *me a chloe convert
  7. Wow, I didn't realize the whiskey had been discontinued! I love mine, it's such a versatile color.
  8. I have a whiskey paddington - just checked the receipt from NM - bought it Dec 05 - I know I had to hussle to get it at that time . . . I ended up finding it by calling NM in Dallas and had it sent. At that time with Ron Herman in Los Angeles you had to preorder (and prepay) to get one. I didn't want to do that so I took my chances.

    I had missed out on the original group - and had wanted a tan or blue. First time I ever saw anyone carrying one it was the original blue - loved that color. Then when whiskey came out I was happy.
  9. There is a Whiskey Paddy currently for sale on Neimanmarcus.com. It is probably a return, but worth a shot!! I bought an '05 Tan on Neimans that was a return waaayyy after the fact and it was perfect when I received it.
  10. Out of curiousity, what is the serial number inside your zipper pocket? Is the zipper metal or plastic??

    Whiskey is such a rich saturate color, really perfect in all respects.


  11. It has a serial number? Seriously? I never looked in the pocket. The zipper is metal . . . It says 01-06-53 What does that mean?

    (What you learn on this forum)

    Okay I checked the black one, and that one has a plastic zipper and the number is 03-05-53.

    I never noticed that before - the only thing I had heard was that the early ones did not have cell phone pockets?
  12. Neiman Marcus online has the original whiskey paddy on there as of today! ;)
  13. LOL, cute!

    Yeah, the serial number is actually the season and year the bag was produced (01-06 = Spring 2006 IIRC).

    Here is a thread dedicated to this:


    The plastic zippers were converted to metal in 2006.

    Your noir is an 05 bag with the plastic zipper and 03-05 data stamp.

    I can't remember what the last digits were decode as tho-- color or production plant??

    Maybe D&G can chime in here...

  14. Wow - that is soooo interesting. I guess I got my whiskey right as they were starting the new season . . . Thanks for the thread I will check it out. I was trying to remember when the paddingtons first came out. All I remember is I saw it in a WWD accessories mag (I think that was the mag and I think it was tan) and loved it Then when I saw a second person carrying it in blue - I asked about the weight and she said "I don't carry it with the lock" and I was like, duh - I could do that. :idea: By then the first season was done . . . I was always drawn to the design from the beginning . . . Thanks for the info!! :yes: