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Mar 16, 1980
Obviously, a handbag forum would be obsolete without its own dedicated bag section. Duh! Hence, this is the place to discuss bags you like, dislike, want or got.
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Friends! I have a dilemma, I was in the Bottega Veneta boutique Monday and special ordered one of their bags. It's actually, now when I come to think of it, kinda plain. Black leather weave w/2 straps and inside is off-white suede. Here's what got me, they will customize the bag for me and put my initials:smile: Hahahah...I'm such a sucker, anyway, the good part is they have to get corporate to ok the order than they will call me and I have to pay for half and the rest once the bag is completed. This gives me time to think if I really love it. The thing is, I'm a purse whore and I'll be the first to admit it. I'm not on here to brag, but I'm proud of my bag collection. Anyhow, since I already have the oh so popular Balenciaga Motorcycle in black leather, do I really need this Bottega? I just don't think this Bottega is worth the price tag of $1640+tax, do you? Should I hold off on making this Bottega purchase? I also already have the classic med. Chanel bags in black, both lamb and caviar (I couldn't decide, so I got both). I don't know, I guess I much rather pay a little more and get the new Chanel motorcycle! I think I've answered my own question. :nuts:
I think you've come to the wrong place if you want a level-headed answer! Aren't we all here because we really kinda need a 12-step program for handbags?! I just dropped off two photos of Bottega bags with my saleswoman at Bergdorf's yesterday. The Jardin Decalee ($6400) and the Ruched Jardin ($1770). What I really need is an every day black bag (believe it or not, I don't have one). Is either of these an every day bag? I don't think so. Personally, I think the Bottega bags are worth their prices -- the quality is great. And they are less 'obvious'. I don't own a Balenciaga because I feel like everyone has one or has a knock-off. I was in the market for a fur bag and thought I'd get the Gucci rabbit hobo but then I saw a Tanner Krolle London one that was similar but less immediately identifiable. I went for the T-K (and saved a lot of $ -- not a common occurance for me!). I think the Bottega will last you years and will be a more unusual thing to carry than a Chanel (got one) or the Balenciaga (see above).

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Well ladies-- what I can tell you is that if you have a huge collection, then you are going to begin to repeat certain bags. Bottega's bags are beautifully done- I mean the leather is so supple and soft. I saw a woman carrying a beige one yesterday- jsut plain looking- but absolutely gorgeous. It complimented her outfit so well and it just looked divine! If you don't own a Bottega, I would sure go for it! Their bags are some of my favs now!

Glad you like the site! :biggrin:
I say go for it :smile: If you like it there really isn't a reason you shouldn't have it. IMO the Bottega is totally different from your Balenciaga and would make a wonderful addition to your collection since you already have some Chanel bags. The leather is just awesome :love:
I say go for it. If you truly love it get it. I love handbags and making a decision on which one is such a task. I love all of the chloe bags and own a few of those and many other designers. I have a serious problem..... I am a handbag addict!!!!! :smile:
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