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  1. I bought a wallet in may on a business trip. I've never used it, only took it out of it's box occasionally for a quick fondle.

    I just realized, it has no tag! Is that typical of wallets? I'm planning on returning it to the outlet when it opens, am I going to be able to without the tag? I do have everything else, receipt, paperwork, box etc etc, even the cardboard in the bill compartment cuz you know, I've never used it.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Yep! Tags are sometimes removed in store!
  3. Oh good, so I'm NOT crazy :smile: And I will be able to return it, yes?
  4. yes, it's ok if there are no tags, as long as it is new, they will take it. I just recently had to return a bag that didn't come home with tags and they didn't have a problem at all with it.
  5. I was just wondering the same thing. I sold my Mini sig soho flap on eBay but I did not sell the matching wallet. I never used it and I was thinking about returning it in Petaluma. I have the receipt but no tags. I also took the paper out since I thought that I was going to use it but I am assuming that won't be a big deal.